(In no particular order)

Harley Davidson Color Matched Quarter Fairing

Wow. Just. Wow. Really. Wow.

Received my Laminar Lip yesterday, and I couldn't wait to attach it to the Harley Davidson Quarter Panel fairing on my 2017 Harley Davidson Street Bob. Having read all the reviews, decided to get stronger velcro stickies, to make sure the thing didn't fly off, since I planned to test on the highway. I attached white strings to it, to get a visual of the wind flow, unfortunately I wasn't able to find anyone to ride along side me yesterday to video tape it. I guess I must have been lucky, the wind is redirected over my head, with just a touch coming in through the gap between the fairing and lip. I have to tell you, I'm really very impressed! Clearly a lot of thought and research went into the design of the Laminar Lip, it does what what its designed to do. Without the lip I get a little buffeting, which didn't bother me much unless I went 70 MPH or higher. I was able to get to 80 MPH with the Laminar Lip installed and am VERY happy to report buffeting issue is resolved! Please add my review to the very long, impressive list of positive reviews, it is very well deserved. My only request, is to please create some videos showing different examples of the product on the road, using string, like I did, to show the airflow.

That would be very cool! :)
D.M. Simi Valley, CA.

Honda ST1100 Combo

Please exchange/replace smoke LIP with clear LIP for Honda ST1100 Laminar Shield. Thank you!! The combo is awesome!

West Lawn, PA

Kawasaki EX250

I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! I've tried SO MANY windscreens, including ones on stock motorcycles, and you are the only one making one that actuallyh works. It doesn't just move air pain from one place to another, it puts the rider in a comfy pocket of calm. Last year I used the EX250 model on a 28 day trip, and was simply amazed every single day. THANK YOU!

Atlanta, GA

Yamaha Majesty 400

The reduction in helmet buffeting and visor bug strikes were immediately apparent. The installation instructions were clear, understandable, and easy. Riding is far more comfortable, significantly quieter, and much, much less of a mess.

Thank you! J.G. Shelby Twp, MI

Canadian Customer Moto Guzzi V1200 Sport

Good day,
Super fast shipping, no duty,no surprises, easy installation, big “quiet” pocket, no shaking, solid at speed….Blue Ridge here we come!

thank you. R.B.
Ontario, CA

Triumph Tiger 1050

Got it and it totally changes the bike. Smooth air no buffet works great. I'm sure I will get much more utilization out of the Tiger!! Thanks for a great product!

Ron C
Hutchinson, KS

Suzuki M109R

Attached is a photo of my windshield. I bought from you guys a month or so ago. I like it very much ! It fits the shape of my M109R Blvd, and it looks very cool ! I have had people comment on it already !!!

Spokane, WA

Suzuki Burgman 650

Hi there Buyer here from South Africa. I recently purchased a Burgman 650 (non exec) and was terribly disappointed about the helmet buffeting I got, but have read up a lot and many guys recommended the Laminar Lip, so I decided to try one and if it didnt work then try a Givi screen. I can say that although i still get a bit of wind due to fitting the Lip a bit too low, the side-to-side helmet buffeting was reduced completely, now all I get is a bit of puffs of wind above my eyebrow area. I have ordered more tabs to shift it a bit higher for better comfort, but just wanted to say what a great and simple product. Kind Regards D J Cape Town South Africa

BMW R1150RS with Cee Bailey Shield

Hi there.

I wanted to provide you some positive feedback regarding the Laminar Lip when applied to my 2002 R1150RS. I want to start by saying that the guy I spoke with on the phone was patient with me as I asked quite a few questions, particularly since my bike is a bit of a departure from stock. Anyway, my r1150rs has had the triple tree swap and super-motor bars installed on it. Additionally, it is running a Rick Mayer seat which repositions you a little higher. Furthermore I have the footpeg lowering kit on it as well. My dimensions are 5'9" and 180lbs if that helps. Ever since the day I purchased this bike, I had experienced quite a lot of wind noise and an extreme amount of buffeting. It really lead me away from using the bike all that often. I have repositioned the seat and windscreen in every combination. I have tried the original screen, r1100rs screen, homemade screen, cee bailey's screen with the black edge around it, and even installed little top fairing on top of one of the screens...better results, but not acceptable. Finally, I broke down and purchased the largest Cee Bailey's screen I could find. Then I cut out a small section just above the instrument cluster. This was really good, but still not acceptable to me. Finally, I called Laminar Lip and purchased the version for r1150rs and stuck it on top of the Cee Bailey's screen. I have finally fixed the issue. I have the screen adjusted 2 clicks from max height and have the lip installed so that 2.5" protrude above the screen. I have also fabricated up a bar that mounts on the outer most bolts at the screen and comes down and locks the screen in that position, taking most of the pressure off of the adjustment mechanism. I can now actually ride the bike with virtually no wind or no buffeting. I can ride with my helmet face open at 75mph and be comfortable. This combination has essentially saved me from selling the bike that mechanically I love, but was put off by the amount of noise it created from the screen. It took a lot of combinations and money to get to this point, but I'm so happy I stuck with it. If you have a similiar situation, I am sure the Laminar Lip will help. Thanks!

KTM 1190 Adventure

Leo, Went for a 100-mile ride yesterday.Best set up for me was with stock windshield moved up to highest position and leaned forward in the mount.That puts the windshield in its most vertical position. Remember, I’m over 6’, so this may not be best for all….but it sure created a nice quiet space behind the shield with the Laminar Lip installed. I could ride with my helmet face shield open without any discomfort. Thanks for a great product!


Honda F6B Touring Shield

Just fitted the lip. Took it for a test run at 110kph, much better can hear the radio now. Best regards, S.E., Ascot, Western Australia.

Ducati Multistrada 2013

Hello LL:

I purchased my MultiStrada a few weeks ago and was unhappy with the effectiveness of the windscreen. No matter what position it was in, it was noisy and a lot of buffeting. I read good reviews of your product so ordered one right away and the reviews are correct! It works incredibly well! It is hard to imagine how such as small addition to the stock screen makes that much difference, but it does. I would recommend one to anyone. The only problem is I now have no direct way of telling when I am going too fast....other than the speedometer of course... Regards,


Harley Davidson Rocker


The Lip put on my Rocker today works really well. It totally changes the wind stream and makes it much more enjoyable to ride. Thank you!! I will recommend your products whenever I see an opportunity to do so.


Kawasaki GTR1400 Concours

Dear Laminar Lip people. I thought i would drop you a line to say how much difference the Laminar lip has made. I have just spent $800 for a new Shoei Air helmet in the vain hope of getting a quiet ride on my 2011 Kawasaki 1400 GTR with limited success. I decided after much procrastination to bite the bullet and try the Laminar lip. Installing was a breeze! Did I try various positions as recommended?No way too impatient for that so I set it at about the 50 % mark with about a 22ml gap between screens in the middle and I think that is about perfect for my 6 foot two inch height. I decided to do my first road test with no ear plugs (something i would never do normally) and what a surprise! Immediately it is noticeable that the air stream is kicked higher toward the top of my helmet at 80KPH and with the shield all the way down but this current of air can be moved to above the helmet with the slightest raising of the screen, and oh the quiet...No air rush, no whistling, no noise just smooth quiet air. Next I kicked it up to 100KPH and even at the lowest setting it is just quiet,quiet ,quiet. There was only one thing left to do and that was to give this thing the shtick!! 110KPH .....130 KPH.... 160 KPH nothing but silence, i'm now giggling like a schoolgirl. Ive found it!! , the holy grail of silence, the Laminar Lip. I cannot say enough about this product, it works as advertised. Now does it look pretty? Not particularly but its not offensive and it works so well that who care how it looks. Thanks Laminar Lip people, you have made this customer very happy. To anyone else contemplating this product i say don't waste any more time , Just order it, you will not regret it.


Yamaha FJR1300

I have received the lip, after several adjustments, I have found the "sweet spot". This addition to my bike is a game changer, I honestly can't believe how well it works.


Honda CTX700

I just installed the Laminar Lip on my Honda CTX700, with the 23” tall Cee Bailey windshield, and it works great. Since I sit tall in the seat for a 6’0” tall person I needed additional protection and decided to go with the Laminar Lip. The install was a breeze and when I took it on the interstate the next day I was in a very quiet zone while traveling at speeds of 65-70 mph. I had the Laminar Lip on my Yamaha Majesty as well and it fit very nice on the Givi windshield. I installed it as high as it would go and it gives me approximately 4” more which is exactly what I needed. I have used the Laminar Lip on 2 different bikes with 2 different aftermarket screens and have been very satisfied. Outstanding product. Thanks,


Suzuki GSXR600

AMAZING, is the easiest & one word way to describe "the lip" ! Sporting an early Christmas present, Laminar LIP. Thank you Santa! Not only does it look good & keep it's sportiness, but rids me of having to be in a tucked position in order to prevent head from bouncing back and forth, caused by the wind-it WORKS! Thank you Laminar, Great Product!

FS, Miami, FL

Piaggio X9 500 Evo

Many months ago I installed the Laminar Lip on this big scoot; the "LIP" has done a good job reducing wind-flow to the helmet area in conjunction with the effective standard factory-screen. Only a very small turbulence occurs at top of helmet level, but I'm 6'3'' so have to expect a bit of breeze. Since we ride year round here -m'bikes in summer and scoots in winter -I've now found the "sticky back fasteners don't like too much moisture and give up over time in the damp! As I anticipated this and you kindly mailed a set of "The solid- fastener package of nylon Bolts and Nuts " , and followed your Instruction sheet - PROBLEM SOLVED . Many thanks for a useful product and fine service.

D. Duncan. Vancouver Island. British Columbia. Canada.

Yamaha Majesty

Believe everything mentioned on these testimonials, this little sucker does the job and for a fraction of the cost of a new windshield. I received it today and I had to slap that lip on my scooter, went out for a ride and boy what a difference. No more wind noise down some 80%. glasses wont fall off, been having to wear goggles. I now can even hear music from my MP3 player on my cell phone via my bluetooth earpiece without the wind interfering. Great product.

Roberto L.
Cape Coral, FL

Harley Davidson Fat Bob

I ordered the 17 ½ “ Universal for my 2012 Fat Bob Quick Release Compact Windshield. The windshield buffeting was so horrible that my glasses would shake to the point of making me feel sick. It was worse than double vision above 60 mph. My only choice was to find a solution or sell the windshield. I received the Laminar lip in exactly 4 days, I live in the Midwest. Yesterday I installed the lip, per instructions, and went for a ride. Quite simply, you have saved me from having to sell my windshield. I can now use this windshield effectively on long rides or at night. The difference with the Laminar lip is nothing short of HUGE.

I had done much research on this wind buffeting issue and there are a thousand opinions on how to solve it. I had come across a mention of your product on two occasions, and because of your return policy I figured that I had nothing to lose.

My plan is to find the sweet spot using your attachment system and then attach the lip permanently using nuts and bolts that match the others on the windshield bracing.

I will also be recommending your product to my local HD dealer. They were unsure of how to solve my issue when I inquired.

Thank you for a great solution.
J. Jenkins
Johnston, IA

Triumph Tiger 1050

Hi. I installed my laminar lip on my 08 tiger 1050. I love it big time and feel like I'm riding a sport touring bike. I'm 6ft 2" and sit tall. Huge difference in a good way. Thank you for a great product.

Bob Rehrer. B-)


What a great product for this bike with a power window. BMW has a great power windsheild but with the Laminar lip it makes it perfect. Wind noise is much, much better, no need to spend 400 dollars for a new helmet, when 84 dollars will make the fix. Now into the wind or off the wind with the windshield up or down or in between, with the lip it puts me RIGHT with the zone.

Joe H.

Suzuki V-Strom DL650 Touring LIP

I had ordered this product expecting it to be more permanent in design (ie. nuts & bolts), and was worried that with the shield having Velcro tabs, there would be vibration and durability issues. When I called to send the product back the great guys at Laminar practically begged me to try it, so what the heck (you have to respect anyone who holds there product with such high regard).

After trying the Lip on my five day a week commute (at speeds of up to 80- 90 mph), I was amazed to really notice the tremendous reduction of buffeting and reverb on the inside as well as less head jerking due to the products aerodynamics on the outside of my helmet.

There were also no issues of vibration and durability with the over-laying shield since it was tightly secured over the original shield.

Thanks for developing such a great product and for being so persistent on wanting people to try it! You've gotta get one.

Vacaville, CA.

2011 Triumph Sprint GT

Hi guys,
Thought I’d give you some feedback from a recent trip I did around the south of Oz. I purchased a laminar lip for my Triumph a couple of months back and was looking forward to sampling it on a long trip. I covered 6300 km’s across the bottom of Australia thru Victoria, SA and NSW. I covered country ranging from the outback to the mountains. During this time I encountered 40C temperatures thru to freezing conditions and a lot of rain thru the Snowy mountains. The laminar lip performed flawlessly. It gave me great protection, especially in the rain and largely eliminated the buffeting I used to get riding the bike.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting an economical alternative for a replacement screen. It does everything you guys claim it will and the quality is excellent.

Lance M.
Victoria, Australia

Kawasaki Concours 14 (GTR 1400)

Hi all,
Just recieved my laminar lip for my gtr 1400 2011 model, put it on took it for ride what a differance it has made to the bike so good ride now, as Iam 6'2" it takes the air over my helmet. I live Australia your service was quick and pain free, thank you so much. Kind regards Allan

Allan P

Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe

Received my Laminar Lip today. Here's the background of the problem, and the results of installation:

This is a 2006 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe. This bike is world-famous for having helmet buffeting problems and mine was no exception. I read the forums for months trying to get to the REAL bottom of this issue. It turns out there are many bottoms to this issue, depending on your bike, your helmet, your height, your windshield, your lowers (if any). But basically, buffeting is caused by the vacuum created behind the windshield. No windshield, no vacuum. But if you ride long, hard miles in all weather, you WILL eventually install a windshield, and depending on various parts and points of your configuration, you may have buffeting problems. I put 80,000 miles on an old 1979 Yamaha XS-1100 and I went EVERYWHERE at 100MPH plus. I did Los Angeles to Seattle in one sitting, 13 hours, 10 minutes. There was never the slightest hint of buffeting on that bike with a full Vetter fairing and lowers. But most cruisers I've owned do have buffeting issues of one degree or another; the Tour Deluxe is by far the worst. At 65 I couldn't read major freeway signs as my brains were being rattled like a can of paint in a shaker. Something had to be done, or I had to sell the bike. I'm frankly angry that the manufacturers won't lift one damned finger to solve these problems before they send a model out. Are they saying they didn't even test ride a single bike in an entire model line even one single time? And if they did, how could they ignore these buffeting problems? Honestly, I had fewer buffeting problems with Honda products, but they still existed.

Originally, the turbulent airflow coming over the top of this rather tall windshield was hitting the top 1/4 of the helmet, above the visor. The flow was very turbulent.

I started out on this Royal Star by cutting 3 inches off the top of the factory windshield. This reduced the buffeting by 50%. Why? The bulk of the air flow was now hitting from the lower part of the visor, to the top of the helmet. The air hitting the top of the helmet was now smoother than it had been before. There was more of an airflow, but it was cleaner. The turbulent air was now hitting the lower part of the visor, and the chin area. The air in that area was just as turbulent as before, but it had less leverage with which to knock the top of the helmet around. It was, however, still too much buffeting. I figured that if three inches helped X amount, one more inch off the top of the shield might help more. It didn't. Cutting one more inch off the top, now for a total of four inches, helped no more at all, than the original 3 inches.

Next was to build a set of lowers that were roughly 3.5 times larger than the factory lowers. This helped greatly as far as getting the wind off my knees, and may have helped a tiny bit as far as helmet buffeting. No more than 5%.

Next was to try a new helmet. I had been wearing essentially a snowmobile helmet, old technology. It had seemed loud and clunky, and I reasoned it wasn't very aerodynamic. I upgraded to a new Nolan N90. The wind noise was immediately four times worse, and the buffeting was immediately three times worse. Screw the Nolan N90.

The nearly last resort was to try a Laminar Lip. I couldn't return the Nolan, so I just kept riding with it, and installed the lip today. Wind noise remained exactly the same. Helmet buffeting reduced by another 35%, for a total buffeting reduction of 85%. I suspect that going back to the old snowmobile helmet will reduce it by another 10%, making it negligible in total.

I installed the Lip at its highest recommended position, which brought the top of the lip to exactly the original height of the original windshield. The real question is, does the Lip provide better performance than the original windshield? I suspected that it wouldn't. After all, height is height is height. But the fact, in the end, is that the lip, placed at X height, smooths the airflow considerably better than just the windshield at the exact same X height. That was the real question for me, and it has been answered very clearly. I'm now wondering if I went back to the original, stock, full-height windshield, and placed the lip on that, albeit at a lower height, if I would cure the buffeting by a full 100%. I may do that.

I think one of the biggest contributors to this whole buffeting problem on cruisers is that the windshields are being mounted far too upright. Find a picture of the old Vetter windshield on the XS1100, and compare it with the rake angle of virtually any cruiser windshield today. There's a huge difference in angle. If you take an airplane wing at a low angle of attack, there is little or no turbulence on the aft section of the top of the wing. Increase the angle of attack, more, and more, and more, and pretty soon you get turbulence so extreme that the airflow actually detaches from the surface of the wing -- the wing stalls and loses lift altogether. With a windshield that is being forced through the air at an extreme angle of attack, the turbulence behind it is astronomical, and air will try to rush in from all quarters to fill that vacuum. THAT is what knocks your helmet back and forth and makes your vision blur at higher speeds.

Anyway, the bottom line is that the lip DOES create a better airflow than the stock windshield even at the same height. It really does. I must have spent a billion dollars on crappy motorcycle accessories over the last exactly 50 years. Most are junk. The Lip is not. It actually does work. It will raise the area of smooth air above what the original windshield can do, and depending on your particular configuration, it can solve your buffeting problem.

Scott Neil
Merced, CA

Honda Aero (with Memphis Shades Fats)

Hi, I've been meaning to write for a long time now! Last year, I bought a Laminar Lip from you to put on my Memphis Shades windshield mounted to my '05 Honda Shadow Aero.

I have to say that it is hands-down the single most significant purchase that I have made in regards to improving the comfort and enjoyment of riding my motorcycle (this includes seat, grips, pegs, risers etc.). Before the lip, the head buffeting was ridiculous, and believe me I tried all available adjustments to the windshield, and even bought one of those "wind strips" for my helmet - to no avail!.

Thanks guys for a fantastic product!

Glendale, AZ

Ducati Multistrada 1200


Received the Laminar LIP on Tuesday (thanks for the fast service), mounted it Tuesday night and went for a 250-mile ride Wednesday (I happen to have some time off) It works GREAT! Cleans up the airflow perfectly! I initially had the windscreen at the lower setting (which gave me excellent airflow) but on the last leg I was riding into a bad headwind (New Mexico thunderstorm) so I raised the windscreen to it's topmost position (probably 2 inches difference). Perfect airflow right over the top of my helmet, and still no obstrusive "big-ass windscreen" messing up my view.

ABSOLUTELY the best money I've spent so far on that bike. I'll definitely try to spread the word for you, because there have been numerous complaints with the airflow on the Ducati MTS 1200.

Out of curiosity, how do you determine the "shape" of the LL for a particular bike? You sure nailed it on this one.

--Greg S., UNM, ABQ, NM.

Kawasaki 2006 ZZR600

Had to let you know that the claims in the other testimonials are no exaggeration. The wind now hits me somewhere around the base of my helmet, but in a noticeably more even manner, with less buffeting and roar. Perfect!

One note of caution - the wind at highway speeds can no longer be used as a speedo - you have to watch the gauge!

Tim R

Kawasaki 2009 KLR650

What a great product. I installed this deflector on my 2009 Kawasaki KLR 650 and most of my commute is interstate highway so I average speeds from 65 to 75 mph, I noticed immediately less wind and buffeting. Also works great in raining conditions deflecting rain over and around you making riding more pleasant. The Lip is well worth the money!

Jim R
Durham, NC

Kawasaki Concours 14 with Factory Tall Shield

I installed your lip on my 08 Concours with the factory accessory tall windshield. I am tall in the saddle. I am satisfied with the degree of protection when the shield is in the up position and I am still able to get some air on my chest when it is in the down position. It has been secure at all speeds ( some high) with only a slight more buffeting following a truck or something. This is a good product. Thank you.

Pete S.
Moreno Valley, CA

Honda CBR1000RR

I installed the laminar lip on my new 2010 honda cbr 1000rr. I've been fitting this bike for highway use, 100-120 mile rides, and any elimination of fatigue and increase of comfort is welcomed as this bike is not a cruiser, nor designed for long, straight, highway riding. I worried that it would look weird on this bike and was satisfied after installation that it's quite low key and doesn't stand out.

How effective this would be with my stock shield being so very low? The install was all of 5 minutes, without any damage or alterations to the fairings. The product solid. The plastic heavy and clear and nicely finished. The fit was tight and right. So, onto the highway. I was purposely positioning myself in every way taking mental notes. Basically, in my estimation, what it does on this bike is give you about a 6-8 inch additional pocket of wind blast protection above what the stock windshield offered (which is all of about 6 inches MAYBE). It definitely helped on the highway. It also seemed to quiet buffeting. At first I wasn't tuned in to how to evaluate this and it seemed that it wasn't doing much. After some time though, it became clear that it was most definitely an improvement...and it was worth the money.

Jim C, Florida

Ducati Multistrada 1200

Hi Leo! The "lip" is fitted and it looks and works out just great! I enclose some pictures for you to use as you wish:)!
Cay B Södeköping, Sweden

Suzuki V-Strom

I just got home on the Suzuki 650DL, and I wanted to report my findings. Being 6'3" tall, and the stock windshield at its' furthest height, the ride at 55 was better, but as the speed increased, up to 85, the lip really did its' job! This was where I experienced discomfort, and this was eliminated. Good work!

Ed M. San Clemente, CA

BMW F650GS 2009

My 2009 BMW F650GS is equipped with the taller stock windscreen which sits about 8-10 inches lower that my eye level when mounted on the bike. The stock windscreen works well in reducing wind pressure on the chest and body but leaves the head/helmet as well as the arms and shoulders pretty much out there. I wear a full coverage helmet and find that there is quite a bit of pressure on my face and head driving at highway speeds. Holding my head into the blast and gripping the handle grips overly tightly tends to lead to sore shoulder/neck muscles and makes shoulder checks difficult as the streamlining of the helmet is reduced in a head turn. I thought if there was a product out there that could create less pressure on the head, that would reduce driver fatigue on long highway jaunts.

After some fiddling, my sense was that the best position of the laminar lip would be one which positions the top of the LL about 4-5 inches above the height of the stock windscreen- which means that I am still looking over the top of the combined stock/LL-equipped windshield, (a position I prefer) I must say that there is a very noticeable drop in wind action on the helmet even at highway speeds and it is much easier to shift one's head position left or right as one does shoulder checks. Further, the LL doesn't not appear to cause any 'floating' of the front end (quite the contrary, it seems to keep the front more glued down) I drove it yesterday into significant headwinds on the highway (20 - 25 mph and gusty) and also in directions that saw these stiff winds coming towards the beam of the bike. While the stronger gusts moved the bike, but the machine was quite stable and the LL did not seem to promote any greater amount of push to the side.

All in all, this has been an excellent purchase, which is adding measurably to the functionality/performance of the bike and will increase the distances I am able to travel. It is good value for the money and I recommend this product wholeheartedly.

John W.
2009 BMW F650 GS
Toronto, Canada

Yamaha Majesty

Shortly after mounting my Laminar Lip on my used 2005 Yamaha Majesty, I started noticing a "strange" sound. Yes, after two years of suffering with an annoying helmet buffeting roar, my Maj was now quiet enough to let me hear its 400cc single thump its little tune. Amazing! Depending on wind conditions and (as I still get a little side buffeting on occasion), your product has reduced wind and helmet buffeting noise by 50 to perhaps as much as 80-percent (based on my non-scientific estimation). Anyone who rides a Majesty with the stock or even the larger tour screen knows how annoying and fatiguing the buffeting is. Like an incessant roar that pops up over 40 miles per hour. I have always enjoyed my Majesty nevertheless, as I think it is one of the greatest bikes in the world, but now it is just a pleasure to be on board. All I hear now is a little wind, a nice little "hiss" from the Venturi effect (to let me know it is working) and the low vibes of the engine. So, after two windshield changes that cost me over $300 total (I got one shield used, otherwise it would have been more like $600), all it took to solve the problem was an $84 Laminar Lip. I had a lot of expectations for this product and they, indeed, were met. By the way, thanks for the free nylon mounting bolt, nut and washer kit - I like the more permanent setup if allows. Once I knew where I wanted to place the Lip (with the top of the Laminar Lip riding about three inches higher than the top of my shield), I mounted it in less than 20 minutes-drilling and all! Oh, this is an amazing product and I am a fan! Make some ears to fit the Majesty and I'll buy those as well!

Satisfied in Michigan,

Mike K
Flint, MI

Aftermarket Shield - National Cycle Street Shield EX (w/ LIP for BMW R1200GS)

Long distance MC riders require wind protection, low noise levels, lack of buffeting and good MC handling. For too many reasons to state here, I ride a naked California model Moto Guzzi equipped with a National Cycles Street Shield EX averaging over 27Kmi/yr. This "smallish" bar mounted shield has served me pretty well for over 100Kmi. I've tried larger bar mounted fairings but you pay a price in handling and they tend to capture and reflect engine noise to the rider. Up until now with the short shield, my helmet was in clean air with little helmet buffeting but I had lots of noise up under the helmet (Shoei's rear "duck tail" must have took care of the buffeting). The other issue was significant buffeting in the chest. In 110+ deg heat I ALWAYS had to snap my jacket neck collar or it'd beat me and my helmet.

Since Laminar did not have a model specifically for my shield, I rode out to Santa Ana from Scottsdale and Leo selected the BMW R1200GS lip for my shield. After some minor adjustments and 4000+ miles, I couldn't be happier. Basically what this did was extend the fairing a little which enabled me to tilt the fairing back closer to me, while lowering the now extended top edge to about original height. At 75 mph and at my most upright riding posture, the result increased the upper protection envelope from my neck to my eye level with somewhat lower noise, but way less buffeting and slightly quicker steering. So I have more protection and comfort with a a better handling bike. For high speed cruzin (80-110MPH) the roomy Guzzi offers several alternative riding positions that tuck me nicely into the quiet zone. This is a quality made product with subtle, but complex shape that works extremely well once dialed-in. My only regret is that, I didn't install one of these several years ago!!!

Ride Safe, Ride Far
Bronson M.
Scottsdale, AZ

Universal 14" on Harley-Davidson XL1200C

Greetings from U.K.

I just wanted to let you know that the 14" universal cruiser lip has worked really well on my Harley XL1200C with touring screen.

Before fitting it I had been experiencing extreme and rapid head vibration due to turbulence above approx 55mph - to the extent that my vision was being affected - not good when overtaking! I had tried moving the screen up & down and even bought a new helmet to try, but nothing worked. The 'lip was, frankly, desperation, but after fitting it I could feel the difference just 5 minutes down the road. No vibration at normal speeds (say, 60 / 65mph) and almost nothing up to about 80, which is as fast as I've been so far.

Excellent product - it's transformed my riding enjoyment - and by the way, arrived here in UK only about a week after I ordered it. Most impressive.

Jeff M,
Wimborne, England, UK

Yamaha FZ6

Just wanted to say the "lip" makes a big difference in riding comfort on my Yamaha FZ-6. The product is nicely made with clear installation instructions. Also, the free mechanical fasteners you offer came quickly and made the installation even more secure. Thanks for a great product.

Jim I
Cincinnati, Ohio


It works great! This is my first adventure-touring bike. So after riding my 05 Heritage Softail 40,000 miles all the wind was new to me . The LIP made a world of difference on the G650GS. My brother put one on his KLR and said that I would enjoy my ride more on the highway if I put one on my bike. He was right. Highway in town or gravel roads it's great. Thanks
Susan D. - Cape Girardeau, MO


As promised, a few pics and a comment on the Laminar Lip applied to my 94 R100RT.

Like falling in love with an old Flame, I found myself going back to the bike I was in love with 15 years ago, when I bought a Kawasaki Concours instead. The dealer had both, but I couldn't afford 10K then or now. 1994 was the last full production year for the BMW R100RT "Airheads" and I finally got one.

After only a few hundred miles, I was surprised of the noise and buffeting created by the stock 19in. windshield. Even in the full up position and a new Shoei RF1000 helmet, the problem was worse when passing big rigs. I researched every replacement windshield available for the old RTs. Thanks to the BMW forums and the helpful, confident, informative support staff at Laminar, I decided to purchase a Laminar Lip to treat, (solve) the noise and buffeting problem. The cost of windshield replacement was as low as $135.00 and high as $500.00, not to mention the $40.00 rubber gasket needed on the old RTs. Even with shipping, the Lip was significantly less.

At last- My first ride with the Laminar Lip installed was almost un-believable. I was hoping and expected some change, but, not this big of a difference.WOW!! I can't believe something this easy to install, works so good. I live on I-44 and the first thing I did was power up to my favorite cruising speed (75-80). After passing a couple of cars and a dozen mile markers I realized I was riding with my face shield open. Before the Lip was installed, that was impossible at cruising speed. I followed a couple of 18 wheelers closer than normal and found the buffeting to be greatly reduced. This is fantastic.!!

Now it's been over 80 miles and I'm riding with the windshield in the lowest position, better visibility, and my face shield open more often, better on hot days. Over all, the Laminar Lip really does reduce noise and buffeting "Significantly". Like any after market accessory, some work better on different models. The Laminar Lip is a major improvement on a stock "94 R100RT". I doubt I will ever take it off.

Now, if they could only make changing the oil filter, as easy, as installing a Laminar Lip.

Extremely satisfied, Joel K. - St. Clair, MO

VTX1300S w/ Memphis Shades Fats

I just wanted to tell you about my experience with your product. I have a 2007 Honda VTX1300S with the 21" Memphis Fats windshield. I am fairly tall so I have always gotten some buffeting from the wind coming over the top of the windshield. This was made worse when I purchased a Pro-Gel seat cushion which added another inch to my height. I called your company and talked with Leo about my situation and he suggested which model of the lip would most likely fit my windshield. The weather was cool here until last week and I finally got it installed last Wednesday. On Friday/Saturday I did an 775 mile ride across 5-states and I have to say that this ride would not have been possible without the lip! It pushed the wind at least 2-3 inches higher and now instead of hitting me right in the face, it barely blows across the top of my helmet. Fantastic! Riding is so much more enjoyable now. I have been telling my friends about my experience with your product and I am confident that they will contacting you soon to order their own.

Again, this is a great product and I wanted to let you know of my good experience this past weekend.

Ed V. - Enid, OK

Yamaha TMAX 500

I installed your TMAX Laminar Lip a couple of days ago. Got a chance to get out on the highway this morning.I have it about 1 and a 1/2" above factory windscreen at the center. Works great. I think it cut the wind gusts about 60% I put my hand up in the air to see when it would get hit by the wind. It was above my helmet before the wind pushed my hand back. I was going about 50 miles an hour. I am breaking in a new TMAX so have to keep my speed down for another 300 miles. Thanks again for a great product.
Hal B - Charlotte, NC


LOVE the lip. I'm 6'1" and had head buffeting and windshield noise issues. NO MORE. Did I say Love the lip??
Thomas L. - Medford, MA

Suzuki SV650 Cowl

Just purchased the LIP for Cowl Fairing for my SV650ABS yesterday and wow...what a difference it makes! The bike just feels more stable. It's amazing that something so small can make such a difference.
Thanks Again.
Joseph C. - In The OC

Honda VTX1800C

I got the Lip for my Honda VTX1800c and Hondaline windshield 4 days ago. This thing does work! I was a skeptic. The instructions were easy to follow and detailed. I'm 6 foot 3. That puts me about 3 plus inches too tall for the Hondaline windshield. I was experiencing heavy noise and head whips on the freeway. Most of the riding has been around town since I installed it, but I've been on a couple of short trips on the freeway at 70 plus. I used to have to close my face shield all the way over 25 because of the wind noise. I can ride around town with it completely up and just my sunglasses on. There is a huge improvement to the noise while going 70mph. I don't get the rough air hitting my chest and my head is more stable and not bouncing around from the wind. I installed the lip as high as it would go with the 3M dots very near the top of the windshield. That still left it at mid level to the top of the windshield. I do notice minor bending at the top of the windshield when there is wind turbulence. It doesn't concern me. I can hear the 1800cc engine and not the wind. Great Job.
Jeff S., Bellingham, WA


Wonderful product! I have the windscreen in a lower position and it is quieter with less buffeting. I would recommend this to anyone before they invest in a new aftermarket windscreen. Thanks for producing a product that actually works the way you say it does!

Dale A - Seattle, WA

Buell Ulysses

I just wanted to say thanks for the Laminar Lip I purchased for my Buell Ulysses. I only chose to go with your product because 1) it was recommended on multiple motorcycle forums and 2) it looked a lot cooler than most of the other options on the market. I just came back from an almost 700 mile trip to the Catskills in NY and this thing performed flawlessly! So much so that I posted up on BadWeatherBikers.com about my experience with it, and hopefully some of my fellow Buellers will be picking one up.

So thanks for a comfortable 700 miles!

Scott J - Framingham, MA

Honda Pacific Coast with Clearview Shield

Here are my photos showing your laminarlip on my PC800 with a clearview shield. [see photo on "Owner's Photos" - Laminar] I couldn't be happier with it. To think I had been fighting the wind buffeting problem for soo many years. Before I had to hunker down to get out of the wind blast. Now I have to practically stand up to get in the blast. One very pleased customer.

Robert R. Lancaster, OH

Ducati ST4s & BMW K1200R Sport

Just a note to say I think your product is fantastic. I have installed lips on both my rides; 2007 BMW K1200R sport and 2004 Ducati ST4s.

This picture was taken in September 08 when my friend (Jürgen) and I traveled more than 4400 miles from Southern CA to eastern WA and returning via the coast. This picture was taken on Mattole Road at Cape Mendocino. The other two pictures taken when we return to my home in Costa Mesa, CA.

Jürgen rode my K12 the entire trip and loved it so much he bought the same bike when he returned home to Germany. I will call you later today to pick up a lip for his new bike.

Thanks again for a great product.

Steve M. Costa Mesa, CA

[See Owners Photos, page 8, ST4S and K1200R Sport]

Honda Silverwing

Dear Laminar

Wanted to let you know The Lip was just what I needed to tofinish off my scoot tourer I finally got to take an extended trip and the Lip performed perfectly on my silver wing. It was just enough to eliminate the wind noise but it didn't effect handling in the 30 to 49 mph crosswind I had to deal with on one of my travel days Thanks for a product that works as advertised I am considering ordering some " Ears " to extend my hand coverage. attached a pic of Big Red [See owners photos, page 8] Sincerly,
M. Williams, Cedar Hill, TX

Honda VFR Interceptor

Just a note to tell you how much I value the Laminar Lip I installed on my '98 Honda VFR Interceptor. I'd previously swapped between the stock screen and a much larger aftermarket unit on a seasonal basis. The stocker, being much cooler in hot weather, provided only minimal shelter from the occasional storm (both water and insects). The aftermarket shield while providing great protection, caused an intolerable level of turbulence and buffeting at helmet level. The Laminar Lip provides great protection with turbulence at a level less than the stocker. And I don't have to swap it out twice a year.

If that isn't enough, you folks knew enough to only allow USPS shipping to Canada to avoid UPS's Customs shenanigans. Truly amazing product AND service.

S. Bruns, Kelowna, BC

BMW R1150R


Thanks for the great laminar lip for my BMW R-1150R. It mounted in like, one minute, and works MUCH better than just the touring shield I have on. I can now keep the full face visor up till almost 75mph, and the wind is now just a gentle set of gusts instead of a roaringly loud lifting force. Great value for the money. (For those reading this, I am 6ft tall with a 32 inch inseam).

R Stauffer, Sugarland, TX

Kawasaki ZRX

l put a lip on my ZRX 1200, what a differences it made. Not only in the lack of wind don't get, at the higher speeds, but the increase of gas mileage. was getting about 125 miles before, l had to go on reserve, to over 170 now. thanks

Wellington, NV.

Suzuki Bandit 1200

My Suzuki Bandit suffered from turbulent air deflected from the low OE screen directly onto my helmet, causing excessive wind noise at any speed above 70kmh. I tried a local touring screen, which was not particularly effective, so thought why not the Laminar Lip? I ordered one from the US, which arrived within a few days. Fitting instructions were concise and very easy to follow and there was an immediate reduction in the buffeting and wind noise around my Nolan N102 Lid. Very happy with my purchase, but it does pay to read the instructions carefully if you intend removing the 3M mounting pads. I used a sharpish knife to separate mine, and shagged the nylon locking system so they cannot be re-used. Laminar were throughtful enough to send me some spares with the screen, but they did not take into account the dummy that removes all the old pads incorrectly! Outcome? I've had to order some extra mounting pads. Oh, and if you thought you would need to make the screen more secure by using machine screws to bolt the Lip to your bike, don't bother. I got blisters on my fingers peeling the eight pads (x2) from the screen.

Here's a pic of my Bandit in touring trim ready for a 3,000km tour of the New Zealand South Island in November 2008. [see "owners photos" page 8]

G. Scoones, Tauranga New Zealand

Piaggio MP3 250

Hello, I received the laminar lip and it works perfectly as I expected. It took about 15 min to install it on my Piaggio MP3 250. The smoke screen matches nicely. I am 5'8 and I immediately noticed the reduction in wind buffering on my face and chest up to 50 mph. Also, the noise level has substantially reduced. I ride about 20 miles a day in my commute and this has made that ride extremely comfortable.

Overall...I highly recommend this simple improvement. Thank you.....

Don S., Longmont, CO

Triumph Rocket III

Hey, got the laminar lip, mounted it, and went riding the next morning, and it worked great. I am 6'2", and my Triumph Rocket III windscreen was letting the air beat my eyes and glasses. I had to wear a visor, which I didn't like. Now, it is perfect. Air goes over my head, I can hear better, and the enjoyment of riding is up. Great product.

J. Combs, Cedar Crest, NM

Suzuki Boulevard C90T

Hi from New Zealand,

I recently purchased a laminar lip from your company for my Suzuki C90. I couldn't believe it when it arrived on my door step just four days later. Top marks for service and packaging.

I attached the lip with sticky tape as other buyers recommended and trailed it at various heights. I wasn't sure how well it was working until I took it off and went for a ride without it. I was shocked how bad the wind was without the lip attached and it's hard to imagine how I rode the bike in the past without it attached.

I finally fixed the lip as high as I could on the top of the screen.

I am 6 foot 3 inches and I still get a little buffeting across the very top of my helmet but the lip has made a good improvement and looks great as well. The air flow across the windscreen has been lifted by several inches and is no where near as savage as before. I am hoping that a half helmet will reduce the head shake altogether.

Thanks for your advice and great service.

R. Milton
South Island
New Zealand

Aprilia Futura

Hi I can't remember where I heard of the Laminar lip, probably surfing the net for write ups concerning my own bike an Aprilia Futura RST 1000. But am I glad I did it has transformed my riding experience. Fitted the lip without any problems in ten minutes last night and woke this morning to find the sun was actually making an appearance.

My intial reactions up to 50 mph were that there was not a great deal of difference. I am 6ft 3in tall and over 60 mph and beyond my head and shoulders got a lot of buffeting and over 125 mph the gusting caused me to input steering corrections that had the bike wandering on the motorway.

Now with the lip fitted at speeds over 60 mph and up 100 mph there is calm at the controls and a smile on my face, and although my shoulders still experience some wind blast at speeds over 100 mph the bike itself is rock steady. Money well spent :-)

Bob W. United Kingdom

Suzuki SV650 Cowl Fairing

Thanks for your help with my lip. The model for my naked 2008 Suzuki SV650 went on with no trouble and makes more of a difference than I thought a screen that small would make. Looks good, too.

Warren N.

Kawasaki Versys

WOW! talk about one satisfied customer. I ordered my Laminar lip on Friday, received it on monday, installed it right away and went for a spin. Talk about a world of difference. I'm 6' and the stock windshield on my Versys left a lot to be desired. I found Laminar lip just by accident on the internet and am I glad I did. My head and helmet no longer gets buffeted, even my shoulder buffeting is greatly reduced. All in all just a greatly improved and much more enjoyable ride. Thanks for a great product and fantastic service.

Frank G., Tacoma, WA

BMW Rockster

Excellent! Count me as a happy customer, please. I was hesitant to change the appearance of my 2004 BMW Rockster SE with a windshield. Your Speed Shield seemed like the answer and it is. Installation was so easy I did it in minutes. Have had it for over a month and am very happy. It takes a good deal of the pressure off my chest, improves my gas milage AND even deflects some of the bugs we ride through around here in Michigan. Just did a 700 mile trip to Ohio. My gas milage was the best it has ever been - between 45.75 to 47.50 mpg which is 10-15% better than ever before.

Glad I bought one.

Cliff Y., Lowell, MI


I couldn't wait until tomorrow to test out the results of the Laminar Lip. Best $84 I ever spent on my motorcycle!!! I knew the first time out the driveway on the bike I would know whether the Laminar Lip would cure the buffeting from the wind over the top of my windscreen, and it did! I installed the top of the Lip about 1.5 " above the top of my "tall" BMW screen and now I don't even have to ride with my electric windscreen all the way up. I'll estimate that the Lip has "pushed" the air a good 4" higher than the windscreen w/o the Lip installed. Great product and it saved me from spending $200-$400 on a new taller windscreen. I also like that I don't have to look through the windscreen to get the effect I needed. Thanks again Laminar...

Gary S., Howell, NJ

Buell S3T

I just install my new Laminar Lip on my 1999 Buell S3T. What a difference! I am 6’4” and used to get a lot of wind in the face. I already have an extended windshield (about 2” higher than stock), so I had to move the lip about an inch or so farther back than the instructions said in order to have it meet the top of the windshield (this required drilling new mounting holes). I used to get the wind right at my neck, stretching out the collars of my shirts. Now the air is smooth and just over my head. Can’t say enough good things about it! Much more enjoyable to ride, and looks cool too. The only thing I had to do was install some additional foam pads to keep the fairing from vibrating so much. The Buell’s S3T’s are known for shaking at stoplights. The added weight at the top most point of the windshield made it shake even more. Thick foam pads between the instrument cluster and the fairing solved this completely.

Mike W., Waterford, WI

2004 BMW K1200GT

I bought a ”lip” for my BMW K 1200 GT 2004 two months ago.I have just arrived back home from a 6000 km trip in Europe. You are right – the lip is fantastic. I only use the visor when it was heavy rain. The noise and turbulence around the helmet was low even before, but now there is no noise or turbulence at all, and no flies reach my face. Thank you for a well-functioning product.

Bengt S., Sweden

Aprilia Tuono 2007

Dear Laminar: Love my '07 Aprilia Tuono but I wanted to alleviate some of the windblast. I checked the Aprilia Forum and found some posts with suggestions for aftermarket windscreens, most of which were from companies from overseas. One post on the site had a picture of a Tuono with the Laminar and it looked good...and it didn't change to look/feel of the original design too much. In fact if you didn't know what a Tuono looked like stock I doubt you'd think the Laminar screen was aftermarket. So, I ordered. Three days later I received it. It was a super easy bolt on (holes lined up perfectly, longer bolts included) and fit/finish is topnotch. Best of all it made a very significant difference in windblast and really cuts down the fatigue factor on longer rides. Thanks for a great, high-quality U.S. made product at an excellent price.

Jim G, Hilliard, Ohio

Suzuki Katana 750, Touring LIP

I bought a new leftover Katana 750 sport bike after having ridden a cruiser with good wind protection for several years. I love the new bike but I disliked the feeling of being blown backwards from the blast off the short windscreen. I’m 6’0 tall and at anything over 60 mph the wind hit me between my shoulders and the bottom of my face shield. I decided to purchase the touring lip because I do more highway cruising than local street riding and because I was a bit concerned that the regular lip would not throw the blast high enough for my height. Installation was simple with my non-rider wife keeping the bike steady while I eyeballed the positioning of the lip. The sticky tabs were not so sticky that if an edge hit the stock windscreen that I could not adjust the lip. It went in position evenly across and looks fine. Most of my non-rider friends don’t even realize it is not stock. I felt a difference on my first ride and realized that I was not being pushed backwards. However, if you are looking for most of the wind to be gone you will need a different solution. The lip allows for plenty of wind on the rider but the difference is that you are not being blasted, and I have had my bike up to 88mph. I have tried squatting down and stretching up a bit to see if there was any difference. The result was about the same with the only thing different being the sound. So, in conclusion, the touring lip works but do not expect the same result as sitting behind a windshield that comes up just below your eyes. On my bike getting that large windshield was not an option so the lip was a good solution that definitely made riding more pleasant.

Carlo S.
Commack, NY

Honda ST1100 Café Combination

I recieved my new windscreen yesterday and rode with it to work today. I expected improvement but WOW! What an improvement! Thank You!

J.P. Lakeville, MN

Suzuki Boulevard C90T

Received my new Laminar Lip last week ... unpacked it, and thought to myself "Uh-Oh, you just got burned for $80 for a clear plastic boomerang".

I installed it, following the directions for once, and tried it out this week end for 100 miles or so. What a difference, this guy really works!. My bike has a Memphis Shades windshield on it, that is a little too short for me; with the Laminar Lip on it, it's about 1-1/2" taller .... turbulence is reduced a whole lot .... hard to say exactly how much, but the "feel" is much more comfortable. I wear glasses, and a 3/4 helmet with no face shield. Before using the Laminar Lip, at 70-75 MPH I got a lot of buffeting, rattling my glasses back and forth enough to blur my vision. Scrunching down behind the windshield helped, but who wants to ride like that?

With the Lip, I get no blurring at those speeds .... I went up to around 90 MPH a couple to times, and had nice, smooth air.

Seriously, this is a great product ... works as advertised, and ships out promptly and well packaged. I plan to buy another one for my wife's Burgman 400 Scooter.

Mike G.
2006 Suzuki Boulevard C90T
Thomasville, GA

Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom

Folks, In my job I get to ride a lot of bikes but my personal ride is a DL1000 which is a great all around performer. But even the DL needs the wind tamed and your product does it best! What a super improvement. From strong buffeting which was quite annoying and fatiguing the Laminar Lip has smoothed and controlled the air buffeting totally. This has cut wind fatigue down to nothing enabling many more miles of riding enjoyment to the day.

A great product at a great price and installs in 60 seconds…..What more could a rider ask for!!

Thanks for a great product!

J.K., Yorba Linda, CA

Harley-Davidson Road King

Leo, Let's see, where should I start? How about 55,000 plus miles ago? That's when I should have started using the lip! Yesterday after I picked it up I decided to install in on my "short" HD windshield. It's 16 inches rather than the one that came with the bike which is 20" because I really like lots of clearance to see over the windshield. I haven't used it in a while because there was just too much turbulance. Instead I've been using the 20" in an attempt to get more "protection" from turbulent air, with not much success. Enter the lip on the short windshield. What a difference! Even with the short windshield I now ride in "calm" air> Of course I can still feel the air, but at 80 on the freeway there is no turbulence at all. Your lip should come with every bike sold!


Kawasaki Z750S

I recently received my touring lip for my Z750S and all I can say is "Awesome". Riding at highway speeds is much better, even in headwinds. Thanks

Allen B

Kawasaki ZRX1200R

Hello to everyone @ laminarlip,

The install was very easy and took only a few minutes. I took my bike up to 90 mph and the difference was huge. No turbulance not to mention the very clean look.


North Las Vegas, NV

Honda Magna Deluxe

I have been a bike rider for nearly 40 years. Dirt bikes To Gold Wing. I currently ride a 1996 Honda Magna Deluxe. Love my bike, hate the wind blast. Mounted one of those rumble strip edgings. Forty bucks, two inches of relief, picked up a lot of buffeting.

Ordered your Lip on Thanksgiving Day. It arrived yesterday, Friday. Four Days, cross country, Ups Ground, not bad. Put it on this morning. No problems. Went for a ride. Not bad, not bad at all. Took off the rumble strip and attached it to your lip. More of the ram jet effect, but I still got some buffeting. Pulled over and riped off rumble strip. Wow, what a difference. No more buffeting, no wind blast to chest, wind breezes across the top of my helmet. No wind up my beard. In an aggressive riding stance, can't push my helmet into the wind. The Lip didn't hurt the looks of my bike, in fact it looks as if it were designed, what am I saying, it was designed for my bike. Good job. By the way, I have standard pipes and I never knew that they sounded so cool.

A note to other Honda Magna Deluxe 750 riders: Get the Laminar Lip if you want to turn what we know is a great bike into the perfect bike.

Thanks, Larry B. Etowah, TN

Aprilia Atlantic 500

Hi Leo,
I wanted to let you know that I installed the LIP this weekend after testing the install point last Friday by temporarily attaching the LIP with duct tape. The LIP makes all the difference in the world. The ride is significantly more quiet with much less wind buffeting my helmet. Even on a 45 degree day like this morning, the ride was very pleasant. I was skeptical of the product's effectiveness when I first read about it, but this is one skeptic you have won over. Thanks for a great product.
Brian S. Bellevue, WA

Suzuki Burgman 650

Dear folks @ Laminar Lip,

Thank you for a wonderful product thats easy to install and keeps my helmet clean of insects at speed, they just blow over instead of leaving a crude "crown jewel" effect! My ride is also quieter... Thanks once again.


Ducati ST-3

Just wanted to say that the shield works as advertised. Great product. It's not very often that we get something that works like it is supposed to.

T Parkinson

Yamaha FZ-1

Had a few days of riding with the Lip on my FZ1. I am quite pleased. I was using the Yamaha optional windshield which was a nice improvement over the stock one. This Lip is much better. I ride a freeway each day to work. Lots of turbulence that made it brutal. With the Lip its a nice improvement. No buffeting, and quieter. I don't notice any difference in handling like I used to get with a Double Bubble. Kudos for your product.


Suzuki Burgman 650

My recent purchase of the Laminar Lip has been a welcome addition to my Suzuki 650 Burgman Scooter. I can still see over my windshield without the wind trying to tear my head off. It's a great (and much less expensive) alternative to buying an after market windshield.

D. Lawrence

Honda ST1300

Many thanks for supplying the extra Dual Locks and plastic screws. I can't find them locally. I've put over 30,000 miles on my Honda ST1300 with its Laminar Lip. The 'Lip improves the windshield performance by reducing buffeting and back pressure, making for a much nicer ride. Again thanks.

P. Pollock

Yamaha FJR1300

The trip home from my dealer on my new FJ was frustrating because of the poorly designed windscreen. It is like the cut which looks good in the showroom, is all that mattered because the function was terrible.

At any speed over 50mph my Arai Helmet buffeted and swirled like I was stuck behind an 18 wheeler. Raising the electric wind screen varied the effect but did not solve it and eventually created an air force pushing my helmet forward in some kind of weird backdraft. Finally I wrapped the whole windscreen in stealth edging and it helped in many situations except for high head and crosswinds. It did nothing for my passenger who was forced to put her head down in a curl behind my back just to survive the ride. In her case the wind was coming up and trying to fill her Arai with air and in effect trying to blow it off her head. For the record, I'm 5' 9' and my wife is 5'4"

Finally, after studying the many aftermarket windscreens that were pricey and had no performance guarantee, the 80 bucks to try the LIP semed worth a shot. At the risk of sounding overly enthusiastic the LIP solved all the the aforementioned problems for us. When solo I ride with the windscreen down all the way (my preference is vision over the top of the windscreen and not through it) I'm in very quiet air compared to stock. The LIP is positioned about 1/4 in above the horizontal plane of the top of the stock winscreen. With my wife on board I raise the screen about a 3rd of it's travel (I'm still looking over the top) we both ride in very quiet air. We are able to sustain this air from 50 to 80 mph. 80 mph is fast enough with my wife on board. Below 50 mph, I leave the wind screen all the way down as the turbulence is not an issue at lower speeds.

I'm still going to play with the height but initally this product is a major problem solver. It looks bulky when first pulled out of the box but blends in to the bikes' overall design when installed. when I reach my final mounting position I will drill and add fasteners. Every once and a while I'll ride wash board and will like knowing it can't shake off no matter what! Thanks for an excellent product at a very fair price.

R.R. -South Bend ,Indiana

Yamaha FZ-1 Touring LIP

I received my “Lip” yesterday for my 06’ FZ1. The installation was straight forward and took only about 15mins. The only issue I experienced (very minor) was that the angle on the 3M stick-on pad did not quite match the curvature of the OEM screen on my FZ1. So, I used a heat gun to remove the stick-on pad from the Lip & moved it up about 3” where it made better contact with the OEM shield.

I rode my bike into work this a.m. & “WOW”, what a difference! The wind-blast to my upper body is practically eliminated. The wind-blast now barely skims the outer edges of my arms (none on my shoulders). The helmet buffeting has been reduced considerably and the ride is much quieter. This was all on surface road at speed not exceeding 45mph…so, I suspect the “quiet zone” will expand a bit at free-way speed. I was bit skeptical about the “Lip concept”, but now, I’m a “true believer”! Thank you.

Richard G

Honda Helix

Your Laminar Lip for my Helix works as advertised.

Since I am 6 feet 2 inches tall, my head was getting badly buffeted when riding at any speed over 60 km/hour. The pounding was so bad, I could only make short runs on the freeway before needing a break. With the Laminar Lip in place, my head gets only gently brushed by the back eddy behind the windshield, akin to the sound of the air rushing by your ears on a windy day. At first, it was even disconcerting to be able to hear my engine and the passing cars.

The Lip was a cost-effective solution for me. The stock windshield suits the Helix so well that I did not want to install anything larger. Installing the Lip was easy and it works.

-- L.B. Vancouver, BC, Canada

Honda ST1100 Shield/LIP Combo

Hi Guys, Have fitted my smoked screen and lip and gave it a good blast over the weekend. What a HUGE IMPROVEMENT. The improvement in the quality of ride and added noise reduction and buffeting is well worth the expense. I like to do long distances and having this screen fitted now just adds to the pleasure. Thanks for the prompt service in getting it to New Zealand and a product that lives up to the expectations.

Many thanks

Michael G.

Harley-Davidson Dyna

Just wanted to let you know the results of trying a Laminar Lip on my 2000 Harley Dyna Convertible. I had been riding for several years with the stock windshield adjusted to various settings and found the best results with the maximum height and backward tilt I could get but was still plagued with turbulence at highway speeds. It was severe enough to blur my vision at times. The problem seemed to be the narrow width of the upper part of the windshield allowing perceptible turbulence around the sides of the windshield resulting in helmet buffeting from side to side. I could confirm this by moving my hand around the helmet to feel the air stream. It was fine at the top with 2-3 inches clearance but at the sides there was zero clearance.

I was planning a long ride and stopped at your shop to see if a Lip could help with the problem. You suggested a model that was a little wider (approx 1” on each side) my than windshield. We mounted it and I tried it around locally and it was a definite improvement. I didn’t realize how much until the trip got underway.

I started a 5K trip from S. Cal up through Utah, Colorado and up into the Dakotas. From there I followed the Lewis and Clark trail across North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon along the Columbia River to the Pacific and then headed back to S. Cal. I can assure you the Lip worked excellent under a variety of conditions including; strong head and cross winds, rain, bugs and speeds into the high 90s. No more buffeting! I can reach up beside my helmet anytime and be assured of several inches clearance between the air stream and my helmet.

The Laminar Lip is great and I am very happy with the results. I plan on using it a lot on my trips.

Thanks for a great product!! Jim K

Suzuki GS500F

Brian V. I cant' say enough about how the LIP has improved riding on the GS500F. I've been searching for a way to minimize buffeting and wind noise on my GS500F as the stock windscreen is not very effective above city speeds. I purchased a taller Zero Gravity Touring windscreen, but I was still not completely satisfied. After getting my hands on the LIP, I have now gone back to using the stock windscreen with the LIP and I find it noticably better for buffeting and wind noise than the ZG windscreen. The airfoil design does exactly what Laminar claims - and it does it very well! I can tell by the streams of water in the rain that it fans out the oncoming air evenly to create a more stable bubble of air behind it and smooths the turbulence at the edges. In a few words "This Product Works!". The fact it can easily be removed if I'm only city riding and quickly put it on when I hit the highway makes the LIP, in my opinion, to be the best aftermarket choice for a windscreen add-on. The dual-lock fasterners are easy to apply and very secure. The LIP fits the bike perfectly and it took me only 10 minutes to install. To any GS500F owners who might read this testimonial . . . don't expect the comfort you'd get pushing a massive slab of acrlyic down the highway on a Goldwing, but the LIP will "absolutely improve your ride" and is well worth the money. If you own a GS500F and like the twisty backroads and highways, you NEED one of these. Great work Laminar; thanks for making an excellent product!
Cheers - BV

Vespa GTS w/Faco shield

Hey guys. I'm the Vespa GTS guy that came in on Monday and had your Lip installed. I just saw it on page 5 of your owners page. I just wanted to say that the addition of your Lip has made a HUGE difference in my ride. If it weren't for your product, I probably would have removed and sold my windscreen. Thanks again for your help!
Randy T., Orange, CA

Harley-Davidson Road King Classic

I am the proud owner of a 2003 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic to which I added a detachable fairing with a sound system. Problem was, as is the case with my stock Road King windshield, I got major buffeting to the point where my hearing and vision were actually a bit impaired. I ordered the laminar 17 1/2" several months ago and for some stupid reason waited until just yesterday to finally mount it. OH MY GOD! What a difference! The result is astounding. No more noise, no more buffeting, I can see clear as a bell over the top of the shield, and now I can actually hear my tunes! At 6' 1" tall, the wind is a good 2" over my head with the lip set at the lowest setting even after cutting an inch off the bottom of my plexi. This product is the best, I am telling EVERYONE I know who rides. I think a friend of mine from Norwalk already ordered one from you today!
The only thing I would watch is the smoothness of the top edge...a bit bumpy.
So what! Send me handouts!
John T., Trumbull, CT

Suzuki Burgman 650

Just wanted do drop you an email regarding the purchase of a laminar lip for my Suzuki Burgman 650. I’m 6’2” with a 33-inch inseam and was being blasted by the stock shield that required ear plugs at freeway speeds. What a difference your product makes…the Burgman is a completely different experience with the lip. Although the laminar lip initially baffled me, its physics didn’t let me down. Nearly silent motoring (when compared to the stock shield): no turbulence, just sort of breezy with the face shield up at 60mph without the incessant eye blinking and furrowed brow. No more ear plugs. I laughed when first testing it and experienced its (then) obviously brilliant design. The laminar lip is an inspired, effective and elegant solution to troublesome windshield designs. Thanks for everything!
Marc, Long Beach, CA

Suzuki DL1000 2006

Dear Leo and Laminar Lip,
I'm Carl K., a proud new owner of a Laminar Lip. I visited your company last Friday, March 23rd, with my red 2006 V-strom. I spoke with Leo and he helped me decide which lip would work best for me and my bike. I ultimately decided to go with the touring lip, as I plan on carrying a passenger and getting some long trips on the bike.
I decided to try your product because I wanted to smooth the turbulant air flow inheret on V-Stroms, but didn't want to sit behind a big windsheild (like all the other companies make.) The Lip seemed like the best solution and allowed me to see over it, not through it. As you say, "bigger isn't always better" and I truely believe that.
At first the lip wasn't performing as hoped and I was kinda bummed. I contribute that to the fairly strong wind gusts on my ride home and my stock sheild being in the inproper location. After I got home, I adjusted the V-Strom's windshield to the middle position and THAT'S where the magic happened...
That evening I took a 70 mile ride, speeds varying from 35 to 80 mph and the Lip was incredible. The turbulance created by the stock windsheild was virtually eliminated, while wind noise was reduced significantly and I could actually hear my engine now!! It didn't completely elimate all the wind's characteristics, which is actually good because it reminds you that your still riding a motorcycle. However, I was able to ride at 60 mph with my helmet's face-shield up, no glasses or goggles and my eyes weren't tearing up or anything. Just enough air for an extremely comfortable and pleasant ride. It's really nice to feel the wind without getting beat-up by it.
Thanks again, I love my Laminar Touring Lip!!!
Carl K.
2006 Suzuki V-Strom 1000

Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic...FLHTCU 2007

Gary L. Tue, 7 Nov 2006 Here are the pictures I promised you. By the way, the etching on the windshield is there because my wife and I have a motorcycle ministry in the region. A lot of people will see the lip. Thanks for a great product, my wife loves it as it cuts down the buffeting around her head.

Suzuki Hayabusa Touring LIP

David Sat, 3 Jun 2006 Sydney, Australia Hi. Just to let you know i received the touring lip for my hayabusa and did a 1200klm trip. I tested it far and above the call of duty as we say and it was terrific, no wind problems at all. regards.

Gold wing 1800

Allen S. Wed, 4 Oct 2006 Hi Guys. The example bike in your Honda 1800 listing is our wing. The bike was new when we installed the LIP, with no miles. We now have 42,000 miles and we cannot do with out the lip. Everyone asks and we send them your way. If we had some lit, we would hand out. Thanks so much for your great product.

Honda ST1300

Bryan C. Wed, 20 Sep 2006 Dear Laminar LIP I have been considering a lip for my ST 1300 off and on for a while. I just couldn't get myself to make the purchase because, quite frankly, it seemed like the latest and greatest snake oil. The ST has a power windshield so I have always been able to bring the shield up beyond my line of vision and figured the only thing the LIP could do was add some height which I didn't really need. For those not familiar with a large windshield on a bike the noise rolling off the over sized windshields can be deafening. So I see on one of the list someone is selling a LIP for half price as they had already sold their bike before installing. I purchase this LIP and give it a shot. I have to tell you. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Wind noise below 70 is completely gone for me. I have found that even when running speeds over a hundred the wind noise is now just a light passing of air. The rumble is completely gone. I know I sound like an ad but if this helps you sell a LIP I don't mind a bit. This little piece of plastic has made all the difference to me. I believe the st1300 with the LIP is quieter then my 1800 Goldwing was. Well done.

Suzuki Burgman 650

Patt 8-5-06 ( France) Thanks for the quality of your lip it works very well on my burgman 650. I can ride at high speed without any turbulences. Congratulations .Good stuff. I ll talk about it. God bless

Kawasaki. Z750S Touring Lip

Sean B. Sat, 16 Sep 2006 I just put your Touring Lip on my 2006 Kawasaki Z750S yesterday and it works great. I did research on the Internet before I chose your product and found that it does everything people said. It pushed the slipstream from the center of my chest, when I ride upright, to the top of my helmet. It also reduced turbulence so much that I found myself going 10 to 15 MPH faster without realizing it. It makes the 30 mile ride to work much more enjoyable. I think this will allow me to commute to work in Washington, DC throughout the winter.

1997 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster

Jerry B., 28 Jul 2006 14:54, Laminar universal cruiser 17 1/2" lips and 10" ears. I received and installed the Laminar lips and ears on my 1997 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster and I have one question. 1. What took me so long to buy this product? I Immediately noticed from 30 mph speeds on up, that there has been a marked improvement in reduced wind buffering, wind noise and no more tearing eyes, You have created a comfortable riding experience. Thanks

2006 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe

Gary W. Thu, 20 Jul 2006 Just a note to thank you for making a great product that works well reducing the helmet buffeting I was experiencing on my 2006 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe. I purchased the Harley windshield at the time I bought my bike thinking that Harley surely had done their homework to make their own accessories perform to the highest standards. Sadly their windshield made for the Softail Deluxe was lacking in aerodynamics to a great degree. I wear a full face helmet unlike most Harley riders do because of my experience in the motorcycle business and having ridden motorcycles for most of the last 43 years of my life. I've seen what one little crash can do to 1/8" of skin a bone when gravity and asphalt come into play many times. All that aside, my head felt like it was in the paint-shaker at True Value when riding in excess of 55 MPH. Your product reduced the buffeting about 80% which was a major improvement. I found that I still had a great deal of turbulence coming from underneath the windshield and was unable to find "Lowers" for my model of bike so I manufactured my own which has reduced total buffeting by 95% when combined with your product. I called your company to "Beg or Buy" a few more of the Magic Fastener Gizmos you provided with the Laminar Lip and you shipped me several that arrived in the next couple of days!!! Thank you for your excellent service, and your wonderful product. I highly recommend it to everyone that asks me about it. Heading for Sturgis and riding all the way now....

Honda ST1300

I guess I want to wade in here again as I have used the large rifle and it quieted down the ride some but I have the 2003 standard with non-electronic mechanism. I tried cutting the large lip off the bottom of the Rifle and copied the bottom cut of the standard shield, but this did not help any. Rifle requires mounting the screen brackets upside down and in lower position with addition their blocks on the mounts to mount the screen. Back pressure is not bad but this screen by nature is large up around the shoulders and head. I have tried it all the way up but hate looking through it and it pushes the screen away from front of bike. So on a whim, with the standard screen I added a Laminar Lip. I put the screen in the full up position and can ride behind it with a flip up helmet or open face helmet and its pretty quiet. At sixty to sixty-five mph. I can ride with the open face fully open and use helmet headset and communicator with no problem. The area for the head is narrower than the Rifle but much quieter. I moved it down to the bottom notch and the air flow has increased around the head, but it is still superior to the standard screen in full up without Laminar. In lower position I moved back to my full face Shoei. Other than the cleaning issue between the Laminar and the standard screen, the full up position is great for touring and is the quietest without hardly any back pressure. You don't get the shoulder protection fully that you do from the Rifle but you also don't have the large screen messing with the bike lines and causing the bike to be affected by truck wakes. All in all, I am pleased with the light ($) investment of the Laminar and its performance in full up position. I used it at the Hoot and back this year and can sit up with my Helibars and look just over the top or slump down and get the full advantage of the air being sent over the helmet. I also have the fairing edge and mirror edge Honda rubber moldings added. Either setting with Laminar, no perceptable back pressure or helmet tilting and nice ride in general with the standard screen. Great $85 investment.

Kawasaki ZRX1200R

Robert R. 15 Jul 2006 01:05:40 -0700 (PDT) Hey Guys, I just want to say "Thanks So Much!!!!!!!!!" The Lip is the best thing I bought for my bike yet! Instead of my head boobing around like a wet noodle in the wind, It's like being in the car with all the windows and moon roof open. I can feel the wind, but not get knocked around or whipped like a flag on an windy day! It has made my riding more enjoyable and I am able to take in more of the scenery around me.

Buell S3 Thunderbolt

David F. 4 Jul 2006 21:33:49 -0700 About 6 months ago I bought a lip for my 99 Buell S-3 Thunderbolt - I think this is the biggest improvement I have made on this bike - at 80mph the flow is smooth and makes this bike a real pleasure to ride.

Cagiva Gran Canyon (2000)

Wayne M. 10 Jul 2006 05:43:19 -0700 (PDT) Your Laminar LIP has transformed my Cagiva Gran Canyon into a very comfortable highway crusing bike. Major reduction in wind blast and buffeting and even seems to increase stability. I can even ride without ear plugs now, which was not possible before. Works as advertized! Best $75 I've spent on my bike. Thanks for a great product!

Suzuki Burgman 650

Göran C. Sweden 04 Jul 2006 I have received my lip today, I have order it fore 19 days ago from Finland. (Arati Oy). I can now drive at 110km/h and no buffeting, the wind is going over my helmet. The only noise is from the engine. I’m 6’2” – 100 kg and 55 years old and driving Suzuki Burgman 650. Thanks for a great product!

Suzuki SV650 Cowl

Mike M. Thursday, June 29, 2006 2:02 PM Sorry. I don't have a great internationally recognizable background yet, but I will send you what I have. Once I get a picture with a decent background I will send that as well. By the way....this screen is AWESOME. I am very pleased with it. My friend, Kurt G., recommended your company after he was one of the first to put a Lip on his Yamaha R1 several years ago. I have a Suzuki SV650 and I have noticed a great difference in the wind that is hitting me. Thanks for a great product!!! The picture is attached.

Suzuki Hayabusa

Rus A. Saturday, May 06, 2006 1:53 PM Here is my 2003 Hayabusa with the lip installed. I have had it on my bike for about 2 years now and it works like a charm!

Ducati ST2 Touring LIP

Bill T. Wed, 07 Jun 2006 Hi. I live in Greece and I own a Ducati ST2. I was trying to find a screen that would work better than the stock. After trying a longer screen from a well known company I was disapointed because of the turbulance that the screen created especially to the rear passenger at speeds over 75mph. When I came across Laminar lip web site, I said: "what a heck, lets give it a try and we'll see.." I ordered the touring lip because I usually tour alot with my wife. The lip got here (across the Atlantic) in just 4 days, and I was waiting for the day to put it on my bike and test it. Today was the day to do it. After I came back from the short test on a near highway, I was astonished with the result. The air didn't hit my helmet nor my shoulders any more. I rode up to 200 km/h which is 120 mph and the difference was huge!!! I was so happy with the result so I said to my wife to get on the bike, so we rode together, just to check how this lip works with the second passenger. When we came back from the test on the highway, she told me that up to 160 km/h she didn't feel anything annoying. The only thing she mentioned was that when we reached 200 km/h she could feel the presure of the air pushing her head back. No weird noises or wind blast and no turbulance. Thats great news guys!! I'm honest 100% and I'm not writting this in order to help the company to sell more lips. I'm very satisfied and I need to share it with everyone.


P. Jones I am very pleased with your product. I installed the lip on my '02 R1150GS Adventure after putting up with the noise of the wind hitting my helmet. I'm 6'2", 34" inseam. Add me to the list of pleased customers. Now I can ride with my visor up.

Kawasaki EX500, 1991

Kern Thursday, May 25, 2006 I recieved the laminar lip and it took me all of 7 minutes to install. I know this Because I came home at 7:50 pm and the season finale of tv show "24" comes on at 8:00pm so I had only 10 minutes to get it on. Afterwards I took my bike out because I was sure it wasn't going to work and was going to be another big waste of my money. I throttled the bike up to 60, 70, 80! Damn, I don't feel any wind!!!! What happened to all the wind that usually forces me back against my chest and helmet? I stuck my left hand in the air and, all that wind was directed up over my head nearly taking off my arm. Wow that was so cool! Very impressed and I ride in very heavy head and cross winds daily going across the Dumbarton bridge in the S.F. bay with winds of 15 - 30 mph.


Dennis D. 3 May 2006 in U.K. Fantasticcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc, got it fitted what a difference, no noise, visor up, no buffeting, a great piece of gear, a credit to you, thank you, ps one problem, recommended temperature for fitting 70 degrees!, are you kidding, your lucky if it reaches that twice a year in this country. mind you be great if you had to fit it under water, as it never stops raining !!!!!!!! good luck and best wishes. denis d.

BMW R1150R Touring Shield

D. Jones May 2006 16 I just returned from a 1500 mile trip through Central Mexico on my BMW R1150R. I installed the lip before leaving and did not have time to road test it. It worked great ! I am very pleased with this product and am thinking about one for my F650GS.

Aprilia Atlantic 500

Dwain J. 10 May 2006 Upon installing the laminar lip on my Aprilia Atlantic 500 the difference in wind buffeting is amazing. I can now ride comfortably at 70 mph with no discomfort. The quality of the lip is excellent and installation instructions are easy to understand. Thanks for a great product.

Triumph Sprint ST 1999-2004 (touring lip)

Jim A. 3 May 2006 Calgary Canada Just wanted to let you know that my wife bought me the Touring Lip for my 2003 Triumph Sprint ST. I installed it in about 3 minutes and went for a ride. This has to be the best upgrade I have done to my bike and should be considered mandatory for the Sprint ST. I now have a calm pocket of air behind my windshield/lip combo all the way up to 180 km's per hour. This should significantly reduce rider fatigue from my helmet being battered around by the air rush from the factory windshield. I ordered this since the factory windshield gathers up every bug within 1 square mile and causes them all to spatter right on my helmet visor. I typically have to stop every 45 minutes and clean my helmet visor so I can continue to see. There were no bugs out last night (since it was raining), but I'm confident that the bug problem will be solved as well. I wanted to let potential customers know that I give the Touring Lip the highest possible recommendation for the 1999-2004 Triumph Sprint ST. In my opinion, the clear rather than smoke is a good match for the factory windshield. Thanks for a great product!


Fabian V. I like to ride with my visor open - a bit more in tune with the environment so to speak - but high-speed-bug-on-face collisions kind of spoil the fun. So I tried a few optional after market screens. Although I had fewer bug impacts, issues with noise and buffeting hassled me. In the end it was my LaminarLip and my stock screen that worked the best. But wait, there's more. Being a pedantic fiddler, I had to tweak the setting a few times and needed to call the folks (Joss?) at Laminar Lip for advice and guidance. I got both with good cheer and patience. In an age when service leaves a lot to desire, it's great to buy from an organization that takes pride in its customer approach. Thanks guys.


Jim O. Wed, 19 Apr 2006 I've had the laminar lip on my BMW R1200ST now for about a month and love it!! I was amazed how it transformed the bike from blowing air under my chin to sending it quietly over my helmet. The laminar lip I put on my R1150GS did a great job too, so I expected no less from the current lip...and it delivered...thanks for a great product.

Ducati ST3

Chris M. Mon, 10 Apr 2006 I’m usually not very effusive with praise, but when a product surpasses my expectations, I figure it’s only fair to let somebody know. I bought my 05 Ducati ST3 in November and haven’t been able to rack up a whole bunch of miles, but have had the opportunity to determine that at Interstate speeds and above, something had to change. Somewhere ‘north’ of 65 mph, turbulence started making my helmet, and consequently my head, ‘wobble’ in the wind. The effect increases with ground speed, wind speed and turbulence from other vehicles. To say the least, it’s disconcerting, distracting, tiring, and accompanied by enough wind noise to make the experience wholly unpleasant. I’ve also got three fused vertebrae in my neck (from past indiscretions) so I’m less tolerant of turbulent head motion than other people might be. Enter my interest in the Laminar Lip. Based on the reviews and pictures on your web site, I determined the standard lip would be the starting point. I decided this based on the standard lip’s aesthetics and my rare ‘touring’ but frequent ‘day trip’ riding style. I figured if the standard didn’t give me enough relief, the price was low enough to also get the touring lip later, if needed. I ordered the standard lip early last week and had it on the doorstep on Thursday. It was mounted on the bike within 20 minutes (very simple to install, but EXTREMELY well packed and padded) , but I had to wait till Sunday to give it a wringing out. Sorry to say, you won’t be making a sale on the Touring Lip, as I am absolutely happy with the change the standard lip provides. The helmet shakes are totally gone and the wind noise is dramatically reduced well into low triple digit speeds. I came to my senses before I reached either the bike’s or the lip’s limits. By using my hand in front of my face I found that the air over the top of the shield/lip configuration was starting to hit me about 2/3rds of the way up my face shield, but doing so smoothly. From there it seems to flow over my helmet and creates a very gentle forward push on my head and upper back. This is just enough pressure to make me feel more integrated with the machine, not the huge sucked-forward effect you get behind some fairings. It’s a huge improvement over feeling that the wind was trying to separate me from the bike. Now I can ride highway speeds with my face shield partially opened without it slamming closed, and can partially unzip my jacket without immediately turning into a leather parachute. There is still perceptible turbulence at about shoulder height, but it’s clear to me that that’s coming around the sides of the fairing and not over the top. Directly in front of my chin and eyes is calm, very low velocity, air. For me The Laminar Lip has made the bike more comfortable, more enjoyable, and me feel safer while on it. I know that’s a lot to attribute to an unobtrusive, funny-shaped piece of plastic, but that’s my experience. Thanks for a high quality product that’s done (for me) everything advertised. FWIW - I’m 5’10” – 210 lbs and 48 years old.

BMW K1200S

Dave M., South Africa Hi Leo, Just to let you know that I received the lip in good order and fitted it on Saturday. I took my bike out for a long ride on Sunday and must compliment you on an excellent design. The difference that the Lip makes is incredible. I was able to test at high speed as well, and can vouch that at 220kph there is absolutely no wind blast on my helmet. The airflow is very smooth and there was no buffeting of my helmet at all. The Lip itself performed well with no vibration whatsoever. Well done guys, you have done a great job.

Kawasaki ZRX1200, Dr Dyno

The two files are pics of my ZRex. I just got the laminair touring lip yesterday. It fits like a glove and works as advertised. I can feel fast moving air behind the lip all the way up the contour and it [fast moving air] extends about 2 inches above the top edge of the lip and then becomes a normal horizontal flow. Wind blast is gone on my chest and neck but I still get the blast on my head. The lip is about 6 inches taller [vertically] than stock. If it was another 5 or 6 inches taller, it would be perfect for me. I'm 6' 2". The lip survived a run up to 110mph indicated with no problem. The first pic includes my 2000 DR650 that I just picked yesterday too. Steve

03 Rex

Topeka, KS

Suzuki Burgman 650

Product Review: Laminar Lip Description: The Laminar Lip is a plastic device that redirects airflow over the stock windscreen, above the head of the rider. It lists for 79.95 USD Installation: Simple. It uses 2 3M adhesive buttons. To install to the windscreen. It is recommended that the Lip be move d up or down based on the height. I am dead on 6 feet, which it is recommended to install the Lip half above the stock windscreen. Testing: I tested the product on a ’03 Honda Reflex, as my 650 Burgman is in the shop, but I feel that the results would be similar. The stock Reflex windscreen, gives me a lot of upper body buffeting on up to my helmet. This is very noticeable at higher speeds from 50 mph and up. I choose a 10-mile stretch of a local highway, with no wind present. The results are based on my subjective experience. Results: I reached my cruising speed of 50 MPH and noted a lot of upper body wind pressure and a fair amount of helmet buffeting. As my speed increased to 75 MPH it was uncomfortable. The Lip was then placed on and the route rerun. The results were remarkable. I felt my less pressure against my chest and less head buffeting. It was overall much more pleasant. Rating: 4/5 – The only drawback I see is the price is fairly high when I can buy an aftermarket windscreen for a little more money Back to top View user's profile Send private message Visit poster's website I have my Burger 650 back now and had it installed for 2 weeks. The original review was on a Reflex 250 a smaller scoot, so I felt I would give an update to that review. Ease of Install 4/5 4 3M tabs is all it took (included) and was done in ten minutes. I installed it so it was about 2 1/2 inches above the stock windscreen. Results 4/5 If anything the Lip works even better on the Burger than on the Reflex. Before I had a fair amount of helmet buffeting but with the Lip installed I did not notice any at all. I was still able to see over the Lip as I prefer, and it seems to be sturdy into the 80mph + range. I also had a chance to test it in the rain and it worked well. One of the ways I could tell it was truly deflecting the air up over the stock screen was the insect impacts were all near the top of the Lip or under it. I am 6'0 with 30" Inseam BTW In conclusion I am happy with the Lip and would reccomend it Surprised


I bought this machine in May 2004 for 1900 euros at Jensen Motorrijwielen in Nijmegen. This is a shop that specializes in second-hand BMW's - the fact that they apparently love BMW, that I didn't know (and still don't know) a lot about these bikes, and that the price was right prompted me to buy it. Luckily, they had no problem with leaving the bike in their shop until I had my license - I wouldn't know what I'd done with the bike in my garage ;-). Of course, the first call I made when the official said I passed the final test was to call them to say I would come and fetch it two days later (the 'one day later' being reserved for getting all the paperwork sorted out). I rode 200km that day, of course a bit uncertain in handling in the beginning, but soon enough we got to know each other well enough that I would dare to put a bit of speed on. Exhausted, I parked the motorcycle in the garage and planned my first trip Riding a police white Beemer in a country where the police mostly rides police white Beemers is great fun! On the highway, most cagers move to the right lane when I appear in their rear view mirror... Since this picture, I fitted a 23.5" high Parabellum screen on it, and on top of that a Laminar Lip. The result is excellent - no buffeting, and as long as it's dry I can keep my helmet visor open at all speeds. The Lip works wonders in lifting up the airstream so you end up with a screen you can look over but still have a quiet ride on the RT. Expensive combo but recommended!

Kawasaki ZZR1200

I purchased my new 1200 five weeks ago. After riding Harleys for the last 6 years this was quite a change. I was overwhelmed with the power this motorcycle produces. The first 1000 miles was a learning experience, I'm glad I survived it. I found myself riding faster than I ever had in my 35 years of owning motorcycles. It was so effortless to cruise at the registered 100 mph mark, and fun also. In the last five weeks I have put 3400 miles on the machine. I usually ride 100 to 300 miles at a time. The first change I made was to raise the bars 1 1/4 inches, this helped, the second was to get rid of the stock seat. The third was to add a lip to the windshield. I now can go out and run the Interstate and mountain roads comfortably. The gas mileage is impressive for such a powerful machine, I average between 46 and 49 mpg. The 1200 is an easy machine to ride as long as you respect it. It will take you places faster than you may want to go. I will turn 60 in a few weeks and have owned more motorcycles than I can remember. If you want to put the fun back into riding, buy one. I just hope you survive the first 1000 miles. Upgrades/Accessories: GenMar Riser, Corbin saddle, Laminar Lip I added the Laminar Lip to my stock screen and get the best of both worlds, Lower it on warmer rides, raise it up on cooler and or faster rides.

Kawasaki Concours

Jeff L. Chicago, IL My 2001 Kawasaki Concours was t-boned by a teenager May 01. The bike was totaled, the OEM windshield was broken (I think by my leg on my way over the handlebars), but the Lip survived unscratched. Pretty tough stuff! I'm 6'1" and between the Heli Bars and Rick Mayer seat, I sit close to straight upright while touring. The Lip significantly reduces neck stress during Iron Butt rides by moving the air higher. It also makes for a quieter ride, which helps me hear my navigator through the intercom. I like the Lip so much I'm going to transfer it onto the 2005 Concours I just bought.

Honda VFR vtec

"Tom B. - Belgium Wed, 19 Oct 2005 Hello, Received the Laminar lip today for my Honda VFR VTEC and I must say you managed to produce a very good product. Installing was very simple and the result is sublime: riding 130 km/h on the highway felt like 90 km/h. No wind changing around the helmet, no longer wind pressure on my shoulders, just great! Thank you very much for this product and also for the fast shipment. You mentioned on your website: if you are a rider that pushes the envelope of what can logically be expected of the Dual Locks perhaps you might elect to use nylon machine screws to mount the LIP. I must say sometimes I'm one of those so please send me the nylon machine screws so the lip can't go off in any conditions.

Yamaha YZR600R

Bill R. September 13, 2005 1:30 PM Hello, I had just bought a lip sight unseen off the internet from you guys, I do have to say I love your product, When I went to look for a picture of what I was going to buy I could not find one, Here are some pictures of the LIP installed on a 2003 YZF600R Yamaha, Maybe you can put it on you website, you can also have anyone contact me if they are looking to purchase one. Thank you ! Bill

Kawasaki Concours

William S. Hi, I just wanted to drop you a note of gratitude for your excellent serious performing product. I use mine on a Kawasaki Concours with the stock windshield and clear rubber molding removed. I am 6 feet tall and I test the wind blast by raising my hand in front of me as I drive. The wind hits me just at the top of the helmet but with my visor up on a full face it also helps re-direct that little bit (like a LIP itself) of wind for an awesome quiet ride. The only time I get any wind noise is when I get buffeting riding behind another vehicle, but I think that would happen regardless. So my hats off to you and now I want one for my new KLR. I am thinking of putting a taller shield on it (CEE Baileys) and then adding the LIP to it. What do you think? Thanks for your time and consideration in reading this. Sincerely,

BMW K1200S

Dave M., 25 Jul 2005 11:06:15 Hi Leo, I took my bike out for a long ride on Sunday and must compliment you on an excellent design. The difference that the Lip makes is incredible. I was able to test at high speed as well, and can vouch that at 220kph there is absolutely no wind blast on my helmet. The airflow is very smooth and there was no buffeting of my helmet at all. The Lip itself performed well with no vibration whatsoever. Well done guys, you have done a great job.


Joe P. Wednesday, August 10, 2005 6:35 PM I've been riding this old K75C for about 16 years. I have loved every minute but have often wished for a little more wind protection. Up until now I have never found anything that worked satisfactory. That is, until a few weeks ago when I was at the BMWMOA Rally in Lima Ohio. I met a lady rider whose K75S sported a Laminar Lip. Looked good and she gave it the highest praise. I ordered one as soon as I arrived home. After my first ride with the "LIP" installed I knew that I had found just what I was looking for. Thanks Laminar.

Honda 1800 VTX1800C


Suzuki DL 650 Touring LIP

Jim B. Sat, 15 Jan 2005 Installed the touring lip on my Suzuki DL650 this morning and test rode it this afternoon and it’s perfect. I'm 5-10 and it puts my head in a real calm area. I almost feel like I'm back on the old Gold Wing (almost), thanks,you did a great job.

Kawasaki ZZR1200

Doug G. Mon, 11 Apr 2005 23:29:51 -0400 Gents, I have to say that you make the best addition to wind protection on the market today for my Kawasaki ZZR1200. I've tried the Kawasaki 3" taller accessory screen, Zero Gravity Double Bubble, and Givi DS179 screen and none of them performs as well as the touring laminar lip. The Touring LIP is wider and taller than all the above screens and keeps the wind off my chest and directs it to the top of my Helmet and over my head. From just scooting along to an indicated 140 mph the Touring Lip performed flawlessly. Attached is a pic of my ZZR with the touring lip on it. I decided to use some string and scotch tape to map the airflow (which I feel, but I wanted to see too) to see for myself how well it performed.

Triumph Speed Triple and Speed Four Old and New Speed Shield

David B. Fri, 15 Apr 2005 05:20:34 +0100 -- England Hi, I have been using your speed shield on my Triumph speed four for about a year now and it is really good and makes such a difference. I have just traded the bike in for the new 2005 triple which is a lovely bike, but I am now being blown around again at over 80mph. Will you be making a shield for this awsome bike to match the new look of the little bubble fairing? Please let me know as soon as you do. Best wishes and many thanks, David.

Yamaha FJR1300

Don G. Dear Gentlemen: I ordered a laminar lip for my 2005 Yamaha FJR1300. I have been through three windshields and clearly your Lip on the stock Yamaha screen has worked the best. Could you send me another set of the velcro (Dual Lock) things I need to try the LIP on a Rifle screen. I remember you saying you would send the screws should someone want to drill through their windscreen but I have been 140 mph with the velcro (Dual Lock) and no problems. FYI, in June about 30 FJR owners are going for a ride and I would like to have the Rifle screen tested.

Honda CBR1100XX

Gary Last July, I went on a bike trip from Pensacola to Oklahoma City, via New Orleans and the Ozark Mountains. I did a lot of long days in the saddle, and for the first time ever, I didn't get a sore neck. Before the trip, I had seriously considered getting some higher bar risers (I already have Heli-bars), but didn't do it. I always thought my sore neck on long trips was due to the angle of my neck. It turns out instead that it was the wind pressure on my helmet tiring out my neck muscles. The Laminar Lip worked so well, I could ride 12 hours straight comfortably, which I did when I rushed home to prepare for the hurricane, which was approaching my home in Miami (This was a very high speed trip, too, I might add). Many thanks! I'll never go on a long trip without it.

Harley Davidson Road Glide

Pete F. Sat, 1 Jan 2005 I've been meaning to write, but just too busy. As you know, I upgraded my bike this year to a Road Glide. The bike is great, until you hit 65mph. Then it's unrideable! Without a helmet, it'll suck the glasses right off your face. With a helmet, the noise from the buffeting is unbearable. After the success that I had with the Lip on my T-Sport, I had to give the new bike the same treatment. Again, what a difference. The only problem I had was the Lip interfered with my line of vision. I experimented by cutting off 2 inches of the original windshield and mounting the Lip a little lower. It's wonderful! 105 mph without a helmet is no problem (don't tell my mother). The same goes for with a helmet. I can hear the radio perfectly. Coming back from the ride today reminded me to write you. Happy New Year! Thanx again,

Suzuki V-Strom 650/1000 2004 Standard LIP

"Mike H." Mon, 27 Sep 2004 This weekend I put the LIP on my VSTROM. Before installation I was having a hard time enjoying this bike. The buffeting was causing neck pain and I couldn't hear a thing when riding except wind noise. Now, after installation I can enjoy my new ride. Head buffetng has been reduced by 95% and I can hear the motor running. I am 6'2'' and I first put the LIP as directed. Then I put it all the way to the top of the stock windshield which is in thehighest position. Thank God for the LIP.

Triumph Rocket III

Larry R. Wed, 29 Dec 2004 Just wanted to let you know that I used your (21 1/2'”) Universal model on my Triumph brand windscreen. I mounted it fairly high on the windscreen so that I gained about 1". I have a long body so I need all the height I can get. It is working very well. Thank You.

Kawasaki Concours

Les L. Tuesday, December 28, 2004 I just wanted to add my appraisal of my new lip to the many you already have. It arrived today, December 28, 2004. I was quite surprised, as I wasn't expecting it for a couple of days. Having read the other testimonials from riders of all kinds of motorcycles, I couldn't wait to put the thing on my Concours and try it out. Never mind that the last two days have been like a visit from Noah, and the temperature was somewhat below the prescribed 70 + degrees. (I'd fix that little quirk of nature with a high-wattage hair dryer) After positioning and marking the unit and warming the well-cleaned stock shield, I proceeded with the installation. I anticipated problems but had none. I decided that the supreme test of the lip's performance would involve riding with my half-helmet and without my glasses...something I could do with the stock shield, but not without a lot of eye blinking. Speeds below fifty were uneventful. So much so that I decided to hop on the freeway. Boy was I surprised...happily so. No turbulence at my helmet at seventy-five to eighty and no disturbance to my eyes. Now I'll grant you that I will not make a habit of riding without glasses on, but the results were extremely impressive. To further check things out, I made a phone call on my cell and tucked the flip-phone up under my ear-flap. For the first time I was able to carry on a conversation without interference from massive wind noise. I could speak in a normal conversational tone and be heard and could also hear the other half of the call without difficulty. All wind turbulence was just above my helmet (just like everybody said it would be), and I was sitting pretty below it. I also didn't feel the back-draft that tended to chill my back with the stock shield alone. I am enormously impressed. I had planned to spend the $200 plus for a replacement shield, and have found the Laminar Lip to be a much better alternative. I like things that work as advertised, and this thing definitely performs as it's purported to. Now I guess I'll have to wait and see if my little trick with the hair dryer warmed things up enough to let the adhesive work properly. Thanks.

BMW R1150R Sport Shield

James R. Mon, 27 Dec 2004 13:37:20 -0500 I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great product. I received a Lip for the sport shield on my BMW R1150R for Christmas and I just got back from my first ride with it. The difference is remarkable, prior to having the Lip installed I felt like the bike was being pushed all over the road in winds over 10 to 15 MPH and the helmet buffeting at times was really bad. Today the wind was from the North West at 10 to 15 MPH gusting to 20, normally this would have made for a less than fun experience. Much to my surprise I hardly noticed the wind and the helmet buffeting was almost completely gone. I could go on in much more detail but the weather is too nice and I am going riding. Thanks Again

Triumph Rocket III Roadster Shield 21 1/2" Universal cruiser LIP

Blackie C. This LIP fits like it was designed by Triumph for this bike and works just like it is supposed to. A great product


Richard C. 7 Nov 04 I have just returned from a 3 hour ride after putting a LIP on my BMW R1200-CL stock windshield. It was a windy but beautiful day here in NC. Part of the ride was on 4 lanes at 75mph with trucks to backroads at 55mph. Good test for a shield modification. Wow!!! This is a great product. I installed it with the top edge of the LIP about one inch higher than the dip in the middle of the stock shield, thus raising absolute shield height only an inch. I can still easily see over the shield (I'm 5'9"). The amazing thing is that It has moved the wind stream about six inches higher than stock and smoothed it out as well. Before the LIP I couldn't ride with my faceshield open and wind roar required earplugs, now there's just a gentle breeze in my face. I can't rave enough about this product. It's far better than simply getting a taller shield because it smooths out the air flow rather than simply raising it. For the first time I can hear my engine and drivetrain (wow what a noisy transmission). Stunned! -RC-

Kawasaki ZRX1200 Standard LIP

Steve L. November 04, 2004 Already received, installed and tested the lip... Outstanding product...I commute 360 miles each weekend on my ZRX1200 from Santa Barbara to Riverside and back...I think it will make all the difference. Thanks much

Yamaha Warrior

Scott F., Fri, 29 Oct 2004 Hi, I just wanted to let you know what an unbelievable difference the lip made on my ride. The difference now, from the Yamaha Cowling without the lip, is like a different bike. Yamaha made the cowling with looks only in mind and the wind smack in the head and upper chest was tough to handle (especially over 50 MPH). On my way home from having the lip installed I discovered it was a more pleasant affair than even when I had a regular windshield on her... noise, wind smack, buffeting, all of it gone. AND it looks BETTER with the lip. Very techie... it looks like a custom affair and compliments the lines of the bike well. I am very pleased and want to thank you for your staff's courtesy. I hope the picture you got will help others with the Warrior to discover how to eliminate the one drawback to this bike... I am no longer a parachute!

2004 BMW K 1200 GT

Steve K. In the last year I've traveled over 24,000 miles covered much of the USA from Key West to Banff National Park in Alberta Canada through Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park the Grand Tetons, the Grand Canyon to the the southern loop of the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Atlantic Provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick Canada. I just bought a new BMW K 1200 GT and installed your product. The Laminar Lip is without reservation outstanding!!!!...the best accessory I've ever purchased ...and for under a $100.I ride several bikes and I'm ordering the lip for all my bikes. Your web site is interesting and accurately informative. I wish I had heard of the Laminar Lip a year ago. Thanks,

BMW R1150R Touring Shield

Michael G. The LIP, how sweet it is, I've got my mile muncher back it was a good test ride 405s through Laguna Cyn. this really helps because my new corbin seat is taller.

Honda Pacific Coast

Bob I am quite pleased with the Lip and for the first time since I've owned the bike, I can ride with my face shield in the up position without it being blown shut and my helmet being battered with the wind. Universal Cruiser LIP 14” for a Harley Davidson FXDX Dyna Superglide Milind 14 Sep 2004 This is the second motorcycle I’ve added a laminar lip to, and the results are every bit as outstanding as they were the first time. Thanks for making a fantastic product. I’ve attached a picture of your 14 inch lip installed on my Harley Dyna Superglide Sport with Quick Detach Windshield for your photo archives…

Suzuki VL1500 Volusia

Jack K. The lip works great! It's a much easier ride now. Very quiet. As promised the Suzuki part number of my windshield is 990A0-70004.

Triumph Sprint RS

Fri, 03 Sep 2004 Dan B. As some of you may recall, a few months back I outfitted my Trophy with a Lip, from Laminar (http://www.laminarlip.com/). I liked the change in wind flow and noise enough that I decided to put one on my Sprint RS as well. Weeks passed and I never managed to get down to their office in OC so Wednesday I ordered the lip for the RS and found it sitting on my doorstep when I returned from Seattle on Thursday night. Installation was a snap; the RS lip is held on by removing the top four screws that mount the stock shield and replacing them with longer (provided) nylon screws through the lip. I just got back from a 60 mile round-trip on the RS, and the difference is amazing. The wind pattern is completely different - noise and buffeting are significantly reduced, and I was able to ride well above 70 with my face shield open -- something that was very uncomfortable prior to installing the lip. Good stuff. Quite happy with it.

Honda ST1100 Clearview III

Steve I called you two weeks ago about installing the Lip on my new design Clearview on my '97 ST1100. After a 1500 mile trip I want to report that the Lip performs wonderfully on the newest Clearview! I was able to ride at 60 mph with my Schuberth flipped up which was impossible before. I don't know what changes you would have to make for better performance when installed on the new ST1100 Clearview. Just thought you would like to know.

Honda CBR1100XX

Steve C. Just wanted to say thanks to you all at Laminar this is my second lip and works awesome!

Honda VFR800 Touring LIP

Mike M. I had previously installed the Laminar LIP on my Kawasaki Concours and was extremely pleased with the way it not only reduced the buffeting over the top of the shield but also around the sides where air would hit at the base of my helmet creating a lot of wind noise. About a month ago I purchased a new Honda VFR800 with the intent of using it for short and long distance touring. One of the first changes I made was to install a taller windscreen from GIVI to provide some added comfort on longer rides. The windscreen did help but it did not noticeably reduce the buffeting at mid helmet and the wind noise still required the use of earplugs for rides over an hour. Because of my success with the LIP on my previous bike I thought it would be worth trying the Touring Lip on my VFR using the factory windscreen. After only a couple of days of riding I would say that I made the right decision. Not only is the buffeting greatly reduced the wind noise is now reduced to the point where earplugs are no longer needed. It is also much easier (more comfortable) to turn my head to check traffic as compared to both the factory and taller GIVI windscreens. If you are planning to use your VFR for touring duty as I am I would highly recommend the Laminar Lip. Happy Riding,

Suzuki DL650 V-Strom 2004 Touring LIP

Bill F. What a great product! I tried Cee Bailey's windshield and was not satisfied, so I returned it. As you know, I got the touring Laminar lip for my V-Strom DL650. First, let me say that I love the bike. Wow, what a difference the lip made. I got down the street only a couple of blocks and could notice a big improvement. Then I got out on the freeway and was even more impressed. All of the turbulence is gone. I will recommend your Laminar lip to everyone. Again, thanks so much for such a great product.

Triumph Sprint ST Touring LIP

Mark F. "Gents: I installed a touring-size Laminar Lip a few weeks ago, because nobody's experience with a big wind screen for the ST has been entirely convincing. Also, I don't want to be behind a plastic wall and be deprived of the pleasure of having the wind on me. Anyway, the L/Lip costs about $75-, and I'll testify that it works. I won't say this device provides the protection of a full fairing like my old BMW RT, but then nobody thinks it should. I'll tell you this, though: I just came back from a 9-day, 2,500 mile camping trip on my '01 ST, and I could ride 6+ hours a day without ever getting my head knocked fromside to side or getting a thousand bugs on my face shield or on my face. Speaking of bugs, only the largest and heaviest could resist being swept up and over my head by the redirected airflow. Now, I was in the mountains and coastal regions California and Oregon, not along the banks of the Mississippi or a southern bayou. But up to about 55-60 or mph, on roads that didn't have fast, high-volume traffic, I could ride with my helmet shield up and really enjoy the wind on my face and the fragence of the trees, rivers, and such that I was riding through. We all know you can't 'have it all' in one bike, but I heartily recommend this bit of science in action."


Steve H. Thanks Guys, Your product really does work. Wind noise and buffeting have been reduced by 90% and looks great on my BMW K75. Can't fault the fast deliver service to the UK either.

Triumph Sprint ST Touring LIP

Donald C. I picked up my '03 Triumph Sprint ST and immediately put on the Touring Lip you sent me. It's nothing short of great. I accosted every motorcyclist I came into contact with, including the owners of Helimot, in San Jose, nice folk. I also promoted the Lip to a Triumph dealer in San Bernardino. Anyway, can I steal another Touring Lip for my wife's '02 Triumph Sprint ST at $75 or what ever the $, it's worth every cent. Her Double-Bubble doesn't protect her enough from the winter cold. Ride Safe,


Todd Z. I installed the Laminar Lip on my R100GSPD just prior to our (wife) trip to NewYork from Michigan. What a difference it makes!! I could ride with my faceshield open worryfree while maintaining a significant visual over the top of the LIP. Not one bug hit my faceshield the entire round trip! My wife on the other hand, with her F650GS and stock "windshield", didnt fair so well. Youve got a Great product!!! Thanks a million!

2004 YAMAHA FJR 1300


Kawasaki Concours

Bob A. Date: Thursday, July 15, 2004 4:45 PM I got my laminar lip for my '04 Concours today and couldn't wait to install it.It took about 5 min. to install because I took extra time making sure I had it placed properly. I have to confess, I had my doubts about both: 1) Was this little piece of plastic worth $75? 2) Would it do what it advertises to do? The answer on both counts is a resounding yes! I am 5'11", but have a long torso and was getting huge levels of buffeting with the stock windshield. Not any more! Even with risers on the bars and sitting up straight, the buffeting is reduced by about 75%. Leaning forward on the bars, there is no buffeting, but just a gentle breeze that keeps me from getting too hot on these warm days here in the Midwest. It also cut down the number of bugs I was getting hit with by about 70%. At the price, why would anyone NOT buy it? Thank you,

Suzuki DL-650 2004 (Standard LIP)

Blake Great product!, the baby V-strom's windshield is adjustable. (3 positions) I tried the LIP in about 4 positions on each windshield position, the one that worked best for me (I am 5' 10") was the wind shield in its lowest position & the LIP 1 1/4" above that.

Universal Cruiser 14” LIP

Mike D. Just yesterday installed the 14" generic LIP on my '91 CB750 Nighthawk and my wife and I noticed a tremendous improvement with the buffeting nearly eliminated. Was able to ride my 52-mile commute this morning sitting "straight up" instead of ducking down, leaning on the tank just to get behind the stock windshield. I don't know how I survived 13 years of riding it without multiple concussions. For the first time, the LIP has allowed me to travel distances at speed without arriving worn out and with residual head throbbing. Thanks again for a great product.

Honda Rune Speed Shield

Trent This weekend I'm going to Austin for the Republic of Texas Rally and will have some high-quality pix to send. I have let other Rune riders take a spin on my ride with your shield on and the consensus is: 1. It looks great. 2. The rider does not feel like a sail any more. The wind hits the face and forehead but the force is obviously lessened since it does not hit the rider's chest the ride is much more pleasing and it doesn't look like crap on the bike. I've tried to whip it off with quick, high-speed maneuvers and bursts over 130 mph. Darned thing stays on. Anyway, the ride to Austin is 150 miles and I plan on riding at 70+ mph for almost three hours. I expect a great trip. I'll be back home Sunday. Expect a detailed review next week.

Honda CBR1100XX

Steve C. Just wanted to say thanks to you all at Laminar this is my second lip and works awesome!

Suzuki Bandit 1200S

Lee B. I really like the Lip on my Bandit. It really works as advertised. Something that has become unusual in these times.


Chuck B. I purchased a Lip for my 2004 R1150RT late last year and am thoroughly convinced that it has made riding behind my windshield a more pleasurable and comfortable experience. Although my windshield is adjustable while riding, the lip reduces the need to adjust the height for various wind and riding speeds. One of the benefits not mentioned in your literature is the reduced wind noise due to the lower turbulence behind the windshield. congratulations on developing a great product!

94 Honda Magna Deluxe

Mark G. [ Ok, You Guys did good! This Laminar Lip fits perfect. Looks really cool. And most important , it works awesome. Almost all of the air blast is gone. It is so easy to ride at freeway speeds now. The main air blast is just at the top of my helmet. Before it was directly on my chest and blowing up my chin ( my chin really got cold in the winter). I expect most all of the bugs to get carried above my visor this summer too! I am very happy with this product's performance. I did not want to destroy the looks of my bike with a big Grandpa windshield, but I did not want the annoyance of the wind either. Laminar Lip did the job. Absolutely no visual obstruction, just moved the air up 8+ inches. Thank You for a great product,

Buell S2/S3

Steve M. I got my "lip" the day after I ordered it... I mounted it on my Buell in about 20 minutes...took a test ride after letting the 3M tape set a bit (actually long enough to get into my riding gear)...and the next day, took a long ride to really break it in. You have an advocate and reference in me...it's a great product quality...easy to install...you have great service...and the product is exactly as described!! I've already shared my opinion with the 800 plus members of the Buell Group on Yahoo and will continue to spread the good word. Thanks for great product!

Ducati ST2 Standard and Touring LIPs compared.

Steven M. Received both lips last week and finally had a chance this weekend to try them out. What a great product - I am really impressed by the difference the lip makes. I actually would like to take them out for a another test ride and decide on which one I want to keep, but here are my initial observations. Keep in mind I rode the bike on a very windy day in NYC, About 45 deg. F, and on the highways around NYC. Not cross country, but a good test of the fairing's abilities (and the strength of the dual-lock). I am 6'1" tall and had a passenger with me. Original Lip - major upside is that, at least on the Ducati ST series, it barely seems that you have made a modification to the windshield. It really does look like part of the bike, particularly with the smoked windscreen. At highway speeds, the lip produces a noticeably smoother air flow over the stock fairing - the lift of the air is similar to using a higher windshield but without the attendant buffeting. For me, at least, the increase in air flow put the airstream about at face level. Touring Lip - Aesthetically, there is an obvious difference: you can tell that this is an add on piece. But the difference in wind protection is even greater than one would expect just by looking at it. Wind is cut in half and goes up over my helmet. My passenger noticed a significant difference as well. It is decidedly more than twice the wind reduction of the original. On the Ducati, this significantly enlarges the 'air pocket' available to the driver and allows easier use of my stereo/intercom system (I literally had to turn it down after running with the stock setup). I could probably get away without earplugs with this setup. Hope that helps, if you would like more specific observations let me know. For me, it will come down to which I value more - stock bike aesthetics (original) or greatest wind protection/functionality (touring). I want to try them again before I make the final choice... Thanks again for the opportunity to do this side by side. The pictures of the touring fairing on my ST2 are attached (sorry about the dirty wheels - theft deterrence in NYC).

Suzuki V-Strom tall windscreen

Bernie B. ...installed the lip and ears on my V-Strom tall windscreen this weekend. The difference it made was remarkable. There is virtually no buffering up to about 70 mph ( ..and I'm 6'6" tall ). I'm very happy with the product and find it much more attractive the "super tall" windscreens available from other manufacturers. Keep up the good work,


Greg Hunt Love your product but I have a slight problem and I hope you can help. I purchased your Great Product and had it installed on my BMW K1200LT. It works super....one problem...Cracked windshield( hit a bird) well actually I think it hit me...anyway. New windshield time and I need to see if I about getting mounting strips for the new windshield. I would appreciate it greatly.

Aprilia Tuono

Terry M. I had my new Aprilia Tuono delivered with a Laminar Lip installed. after a week's riding, I took it off for cleaning and just to see whether it made a noticeable difference. Boy, did it ever! The lip reduces helmet-level air blast at freeway speeds to a smooth, gentle breeze. It's a good thing, definitely to be recommended for bikes with small, bikini-style fairings like the Tuono.

BMW K1200GT 2003

J. Jensen Excellent product, highly recommended, Installation very easy. At 5' 9" with 29" inseam the stock shield absolutely required earplugs no matter what position it was in. This is with a new Shoei TZ-1. The "Lip" works so well it allows me to ride without a helmet. With the helmet I now have the option of headsets instead of ear buds. BMW's electrically adjustable windshield is one of the greatest inventions ever for a motorcycle. On a stock GT, someone my size will run with the screen all the way up eliminating this feature. With the "Lip", I have adjustability again. Here's the idea, you raise and lower the shield finding a balance point. When the shield is all the way down you feel pressure on your helmet pushing backwards causing neck strain. If things are working correctly, running the shield all the way up will reverse this. You have pressure pulling you forward onto your arms and wrists causing not only neck strain but arm and wrist fatigue. When you find the balance point you’re all set for long distances, in fact this thing works so well, as speed's increase toward triple digits you actually "lower" the shield to keep balanced. I ain't kiddin'. With everything thing nice and balanced at 75, amping my speed up to 95 I started feeling "forward" pressure and let the shield "down" just a tad to re-achieve "balance". This just blew me away! This thing is so efficient the faster you go the better it works! I think the "Lip" should be standard equipment on the GT and told my dealer all about it. I believe he's going to stock them. Thanks for something that actually works as advertised and keeping the price sensible. P.S. Everyone including my self just dig the looks. The KGT is a gorgeous work of art and I won't do anything to spoil this. After a long ride I can sit on the patio downing a few brews’ admiring this beautiful machine. The "Lip" enhances this machine instead of detracting from it. Thanks again, wonderful product.

KTM Adventure 950S

Allen N. After a 700 mile test to Death Valley this weekend, and very cold, windy weather, I got in my test. It (the LIP) is an upside down 'U' with wings extending 3"+ at the top and even with a line up from the stock shield. I mounted it 2-3" above the stock top (1/2 way on the Lip's upper cross shield. Results: were little or no wind on the chest, shoulders, and even some loss of turbulence on elbows. Air hits my helmet just above the top of the visor. Normally direct in the face. When I scooted down on the seat, I was in silence. I am 6'4" (long torso), on a tall Mayer seat, wife and luggage. I have an ‘S’ (model) and was on my tiptoes with MX boots. With the stock seat I am flat footed, in tennis shoes. The Lip is very different from normal Lips, but it works. If you are under my height, it will work even better. I do believe in Laminar technology of air flow as I dislike large shields, and their system deals with that flow.

Harley Davidson Super “T” Sport FXDXT

Pete C. I got to try the Lip on our "Freeze Your Buns Off Ride" today. It was much better than I had expected. In the past, I could not ride this bike with my full face helmet, because of the noise and buffeting. It was great. Also, with the Lip installed, I could leave the windshield adjusted to its lowest position

Harley Davidson Road Glide

Lloyd S. I received and installed my laminar lip for my 2002 Harley Road Glide and couldn't be more happy. I'm 6'3" tall and the wind over the top of the stock windshield (tall version) was blasting me on the freeways. My guess is that the laminar lip raised the wind turbulence at lease three inches. Thanks very much.


Rick W. Thanks so much for creating a LIP for my K75C. I tried it yesterday for the first time. Not only does it work great at a steady 80 mph, but it looks as if it belongs on the bike. You have solved my small problem & I look forward to fewer bugs on the face shield.


Dan R. To Whom It May Concern: Just a note to inform you that the Laminar Windscreen (LIP ed.) you have developed is a tremendous addition to any motorcycle. On my 2003 BMW 1200 LT the device takes the thrust of the windblast and moves it approximately four to six inches above the top of the windshield. In so doing it still allows air to come to my face area but in a much more gentle manner. The result is that I can now see entirely over the top of the windshield instead of through it and do not have to contend with wind force that would tire my neck and shoulders. Additionally, the Laminar Windscreen works wonders in diverting the effects of rain. The flow of the rain is more easily managed to prevent water from blowing directly on the front of my rain suit and yet allow me to see over the top of the windshield instead of through it where distortion from the water stream can be significant.

Honda ST1100

Robert F. Wanted to also let you know the lip works, I do mostly trips, run into a lot of bikers that ask what is that thing on your windshield? I tell them to look at their face shield, see all the bugs? Look at mine, it helps bug hits, mist and gentle rain, wind. It might look a little odd, but it works. Thanks again for a good product and backing it up with good support.

Honda ST1300

Vernon D. I received the Lip from a friend after mentioning that I was getting a lot of backpressure anytime I raised the windshield on my Honda ST1300 ABS. I just returned from a Bun Burner Gold (1528 miles in 23 hours and 2 minutes) trip and I can definitely say that the backpressure situation has been reduced and even though the Lip is only about 1" above the windshield it is noticeably quieter now. I highly recommend the Lip - a Great Gift for the person who has everything!!.

Kawasaki ZR7S

Donald C. The LIP works great on my wife's Kawi ZR7S, excellent product. Ride Safe,

Honda ST1300

Vernon D. I received the Lip from a friend after mentioning that I was getting a lot of backpressure anytime I raised the windshield on my Honda ST1300 ABS. I just returned from a Bun Burner Gold (1528 miles in 23 hours and 2 minutes) trip and I can definitely say that the backpressure situation has been reduced and even though the Lip is only about 1" above the windshield it is noticeably quieter now. I highly recommend the Lip - a Great Gift for the person who has everything!

Kawasaki Voyager

Peter L. I just purchased a Laminar Lip for my Kawasaki Voyager. Mounting was simple and the results are very good. It raises the top of the bubble enough that I no longer feel the need to wear my earplugs on long trips. In fact, I can hear the radio easily and the hum of the engine for the first time at freeway speeds Again, thanks for the great product.

Honda VTR1000F 1999

Brian It definitely works. I installed the Lip prior to an annual trip I make from RI to Tenn. via the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway this past May 2003. I can definitely say that the Lip increased the still air pocket on the highway portions. It moved the point the air would hit me from the shoulder blades to just above my helmet face shield. This worked great in almost all conditions. Also, I would also like to mention that the quality of the materials plus the benefits of the design make it a worthwhile addition to my very selectively modified bike.


Don E. OK - impressions based on a 30 minute ride to work this morning.. It appears to clear up the airflow right at helmet level. Before the top of the stock S screen threw a *lot* of turbulent air right at my helmet - resulting in lots of noise and buffeting. It seems like the LIP channels the airflow so it is smooth.. I can feel this by moving my hand around ahead of my helmet. There is a strong smooth flow of air right at the faceshield level, and the smooth is the important part.. it's LOTS quieter. It seemed to work great at any speed I tried - from low speed up to an indicated 80MPH on my GPS.. (which is 85MPH in BMW speedo speeds..) Plus - it looks great. Works great. I'll be plugging it a bit on the IBMWR list, so I expect you'll see some requests.

BMW K1200LTE 2002

Michael L. I have seen several comments on the BMW LT website that noted that until they took the lip off, they didn't realize how much it helped. This was very true in my case as well. It drops the wind turbulence considerablely. The ability to look over the windshield without a lot of wind in your face is wonderful. It makes the ride so much more enjoyable. Thanks for your help.

Ducati Multistrada

Dan K. The Lip is working really well. Last night I deliberately took the bike out at the worst possible "bug hour". The Lip did a really nice job of diverting many of the strikes that my face shield would have taken without it (how do guys who don't wear helmets manage to NOT get an eye poked out?). I took a good look at the visor after the hour long ride and put my guess-timate at about 50% of the normal bug strikes that I see. Riding north out of Indiana and into the back country of southern Michigan I was able to get into some pretty thick bug-infested areas. It was interesting to turn on the bright lights and watch the bugs come into view at directly eye level ... and then see them get shot vertically off the Lips diverted airflow. This may not be a wind-tunnel test ... but it pretty well illustrated to me that the Lip was doing its job. That mounting system is SOLID, SOLID, SOLID! As I said , the cone-of-silence behind the Lip it great! With the stock screen the windflow created a significant downdraft at my chest level. If I lifted my hand to my chest with the palm down, I could feel the majority of the air pressing on the top of the hand trying to force it downwards toward the seat (rather than back into the chest). I didn't expect quite that strong of a down vector from the stock screen. With the Lip this effect is eliminated. The air that hits the helmet about chin-level is quite smooth, without any turbulence or detectable breakup (burbling). The look is cool, the re-direction of airflow appreciated, and I think you have a great product! Right now the Multistrada is new and different, so everywhere I go I get a lot of attention from bikers and non-bikers alike. Just last week I stopped into a Honda dealer to check on the lineup of jackets, and when I came out, three of their mechanics were surrounding the bike checking it out.... I love it!

Suzuki V-Strom LIP and EARs

Paul N. Just wanted to let you guys know what a GREAT product you have. I installed the LIP and EARS on the Suzuki short screen for my VStrom and the improvement is dramatic. At 6'1" riding the VStorm at 65 mph + had become a nightmare, white knuckle, god please don't let me die, experience. The first thing I noticed with your product is that I can lighten up on my hanging on for dear life grip, which eased the stress on my neck. Second the wind noise has been reduced by at least 50%. Buffeting is almost completely eliminated. It seems this configuration has moved the airflow up approx 3 inches, from smack in my face to just catching the top 1 inch of my helmet. I have ordered the Suzuki tall screen and am looking forward to installing the LIP and EARS on the taller screen. Its a pleasure to buy a product that actually does what its advertised to do........Thanks again, you guys are great.

BMW K1200RS Comfort and GT

Jeff E. Do you have a Laminar Lip for the BMW K1200LT? I just ordered one for my K1200RS (Comfort screen) and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I went from the sound of a 747 taking off in my helmet, to having so much silence that I could hear the places where I have plastic squeeks in my fairing. WOW!!! What a difference. I hope you have one for the K1200LT so I can get rid of the wind noise on that bike as well. Thanks,

Suzuki V-Strom

Paul N. Way cool product. Just installed LIP & EARS on my Suzuki V-Strom with a short windshield, and took it for a quick ride (I couldn't wait) the difference is amazing. Thanks for a fine product.

Suzuki Katana 750

Mark Y. Having the Laminar Lip on the bike is a huge improvement over the stock screen only! It cuts the insect collision rate down to a fraction of what it was before and makes riding at highway speeds much less fatiguing. The installation was uneventful and after two months of use it still looks as new. Cheers and thanks! White Rock, British Columbia.

Suzuki Bandit 1200S 2003

S. Michael P. Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Laminar Lip that I ordered and installed on my 2003 Suzuki Bandit 1200 S. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the item arrived and how easily it was installed. The finish of the product is excellent and the fit is as if my bike was the model for this piece. This really is more than just a hunk of bent Plexiglas as the contours are as complex as a fighter jet wing. I immediately noticed an estimated 85% decrease in the amount of air hitting my chest and helmet. Amazingly, the noise level is lower and there are fewer bugs splattered on my visor. The attachment system is nifty as it is easily installed and really does hold tight at highway speeds. Thanks for a SUPER product.

Suzuki V-Strom

Larry F. I recently purchased your lip for my '02 V-Strom. I have the tall Suzuki windshield and the buffeting was horrible, especially at highway speeds. After installing the lip, all that went away. I gave the lip a thorough shake down during a weeklong trip that included an 1150-mile Iron Butt qualifying day. The lip performed flawlessly!!! It is by far the best money I have ever spent on a "gadget" for any bike I have ever owned!! I bought the lip prior to going to the Sport Touring Association Rendezvous (STAR) in Charleston WV I was there with well over 300 other motorcyclists, and a good number of them had your product. No one had negative things to say about it... I saw it on everything from Triumph Tigers to ST1100's I personally rode over 3K miles that week, with 3 solid days being nothing but super slab. The lip never moved, even when I low sided coming off an exit ramp in the pouring rain... It was a very effective tool. I do not think I could have endured the multi day highway trips without it. Take care and keep up the good work!!!

Triumph Daytona 955i 2002

Tom B. The stock windshield is very low and small which caused my neck muscles to get very tired at elevated speeds. The LIP solved that problem. The bike is much more pleasant to ride now and I think the bike looks better with the LIP installed. The Installation was very easy using the four slightly longer screws supplied – took five minutes. Thanks


Tommy M. Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 Just wanted to let you know the lip works great on my BMW K12 GT. It is wonderful when you find something that is really easy, looks good and works. Thanks.

Triumph Daytona 955i 1999

Alan J. The LIP you sent fit like a glove, went on in less than 10 minutes and looks great. The wind deflection works as advertised and I can now ride much longer without neck fatigue. The air is all-quiet about the helmet. The LIP has aroused some attention at work as well as at my part time job, Motorcycle Instructor for the Canada Safety Council. Thanks for the great product.

Kawasaki Vulcan Classic VN800B

Roger I have a Kawasaki Vulcan Classic VN800B with a Fire & Steel tall windshield made by National Cycles and have been fighting the buffeting at highway speeds for years. I decided enough was enough and set out on the internet to find a different or taller windshield. What I found was the Laminar Lip. I ordered the 14" universal mount and gave it a try. I mounted The Lip about parallel with the top of my windshield (eye level) and it works GREAT! Before trying the Lip, I could place my hand at the top of thewindshield while cruising at highway speeds and it would eliminate the buffeting. Now when I do it with the Lip installed there is no effect. This thing is like adding 3" to the top of the windshield! Best $75 I've ever spent on the bike.

2003 Suzuki V-Strom DL1000

Frank S. I highly recommend the Laminar lip w/ Ears for the V-Strom. I started with the stock screen and found the wind protection to be lacking, to say the least. After hearing mostly positive reports of a 22" screen with the NACA style vent for the V-Strom I purchased one. After installing it and taking the bike for a test ride, I was disappointed. The turbulence and buffeting at the top of my helmet was much worse than the stock screen. The buffeting would start at speeds as low as 25-30 MPH and increase with speed. At some speeds the buffeting was so bad it made my visor resonate, resulting in blurred vision. Not good. I then returned that screen and ordered the Laminar Lip w/ Ears. Upon testing I noted a MAJOR improvement over both the stock screen and the other screen. A 600 mile ride over the Memorial Day weekend confirmed it. I noticed when ducking my head down a couple of inches seemed to make things even better so I ordered the tall Suzuki windscreen with the intention of remounting the Laminar lip w/ Ears and testing it. I tested this setup but unfortunately for me it did not result in an improvement over the short screen - it put the noise and buffeting back at the top of my helmet. So it's back to the stock screen with the lip & ears for me, and I'm quite happy with the combination. Thanks, for making a great product!

Suzuki V-Strom

Paul R P. Hey Lip, I have been waiting for a cycle like the V-STROM for a long time. A big trailey that is half the price of the others and very roadable. I got the bike in March and the dealer put on the tall windshield when he set up the bike. I rode it home, 75 miles in a typical Minnesota March wind. The ride was not that neat. Riding in a crosswind is not fun. The next day I took off the tall screen and put on the stock one. Much better but not as much protection. I saw your ad for the Laminar and figured what the hey, I wasted 75 bucks on the tall windshield I might as well try this thing. The lip on the stock shield is far superior to the tall shield. I installed the lip twice. I now have it so it is the same height as the tall one. Guess what? I belive that the bike is not a kite any more and is much better in a crosswind. I am next going to put the tall windshield back on with the lip on it. I really think the lip has a positive effect on the way the bike handles a cross wind. I and a friend just completed a 4750 mile ride across the western US in 10 days. I am so glad I was protected by the lip. He has a lip on his Shower Stall [Goldwing] His wife says her cloths no longer flap in the breeze like they used to. He took of the tall shield and put on the stock one. Thank you for making this thing.

Harley Davidson ElectraGlide

Drew A. Hey, this thing works great. I bought a 2002 Electra Glide Police with the stock shield. I am 6'4" and when I hit 50mph +, I thought I needed a dentist to replace my fillings. Honestly, I could not take a trip on this bike because it gave me a headache, all the vibration from the turbulence off the barn door flat windshield. Your product has remedied this situation. I can still look over the shield, and not get blasted by the turbulence. It is not often that a product performs as advertised. This product does. Thank you

Kawasaki Concours and Moto Guzzi LeMans V11

John S. Just an update on your products. 2002 Concours: as advertised, works great, no surprises but it took awhile to find the best position. 2002 LeMans: UNBELIEVABLE!!! Easy to install, and it really works. The lip has transformed the bike. At 90MPH (on a closed course and under controlled conditions of course) the wind flow is much higher and much smoother. Huge difference; it makes the bike a joy to ride. Moto Guzzi should offer these things as factory options. Take care and keep up the good work.


Pat M. I installed the LIP on my BMW R1150RT prior to a 3,327 round trip from TX to VA. Installation was simple and straightforward. I found that performance was optimized by raising the windscreen about 3 inches. With the LIP installed as high up on the windscreen as possible and at "normal" touring speeds, I found the following to be true: (1) Wind noise was reduced by about 50% (I could hear the engine). (2) Helmet buffeting ( I'm a 6 foot) was reduced by an estimated 70%.

Suzuki DL1000 Tall Windshield

Charles J. Installed LIP on tall Suzuki V-Strom screen a few days ago and the thing is amazing. Best 75 bucks I've ever spent. Thanks a bunch. Great product, have already recommended it to friends. You guys deserve to get rich (if you're not already)


Libby Well I finally got out there and took a ride with my new Laminar lip. Great! Finally there is relief. It’s a great product that makes my already "good lookin’" BMW 650cs better. I was worried of putting on a after market product mainly because of messing with the looks of my current windshield which I like but was not at all functional. I wear a extra small helmet and previous to the lip, my neck was aching after rides. No More! Laminar, you were helpful and prompt. My husband likes mine so much he is ordering one for his BMW R1100RS Thanks Again

BMW R1150R Touring Windshield

Mark F. I installed the Laminar the same day I received it. It was easy. It could only go in one position. The lip creates a bubble of clean air right in on my face. Most of my touring has been on BMW RT models. So I am used to hiding behind plastic. The Lip on my BMW R1150R gives me wind protection of an open bike with out the weight and heat from a full fairing. I have about a thousand miles on the Lip, most of it with the visor up, and am very pleased.

Yamaha FJ1200 1993

Jon F. Just a note from the Great Northwest, I received my laminar lip in February. With the weather here in Seattle, I really didn't get to test your product until this weekend (March 29th) Weather was warm, sunny and time to ride. Wow! I've tried lots of new products for the bike, but yours really works! I'm 6'1" and have tried several windshield gizzmo's to get the wind blast higher. Nothing worked. Now with laminar lip, I've noticed two things: 1) The wind blast is right above my helmet, and 2) I now have a still air pocket in the cockpit. Guess there is really three things.....3) noise reduction. Even hooked up with some guys riding Triumphs.....they thought it looked cool and wanted to know where to buy. Sent em your way. Thanks again for worthwhile, quality product.....One happy FJ1200 rider! Jon Fife

Honda Goldwing 1800

Richard K. I received the Laminar Lip yesterday and installed it on my GL1800. I did a test run and it worked great. Thanks for a great product,

Universal Cruiser LIP, 14”

Bill D. Just an unsolicited testimonial from a satisfied user: The Laminar Lip made a big difference in the size of the still air pocket behind my Nat'l Cycles Plexifairing 3. With their windshield set so that my sightline is about 2" over the top of the 'shield and Lip, there's no buffeting with the Lip mounted, whereas there was unpleasant buffeting w/o the Lip. I've ridden with the above combo at speeds up to nearly 100mph. It's fine !

Honda Goldwing 1800

Frederik I installed the Laminar Lip on my stock windshield about 200 miles ago and I'm very pleased. My wife was on the back for about 150 of those miles and she noticed a big difference as well. Yes, there will always be some wind, but our necks aren't jerked around any more! The Lip along with Tulsa mirror deflectors seems to have solved the problem for a modest cost. One of the best things is that I can look over the windshield and leave the visor open on my HJC Symax and get NO wind in my eyes! This summer's rides will be more enjoyable!

Kawasaki ZRX1200

Phil Many thanks. Received my Laminarlip last week and promptly attached (very simply) to my Kawasaki ZRX-1200. Immediately noticed complete elimination of air blast to chest and moderate reduction to helmet area. Big improvement as I use this bike for long trips each summer. Before the "Lip," I was resigned to the full body air blast since Rifle wants $300+ for a whole new fairing with expanded windshield. I'm happy!

Triumph Tiger and Sprint RS

Robert S. Huntington Beach, CA I recently installed your Laminar Lip on both my 2000 Triumph Sprint RS and 2003 Triumph Tiger. I am 6'5" tall so wind buffeting has always been a problem. The installation on the Sprint RS took 2 minutes. Remove the 4 screws that hold on the windscreen, place the lip over the 4 holes, re-install the original 4 screws. The Tiger took a bit longer, like 3-4 minutes to line it up correctly for the double lock strips. The amount of wind buffeting has been substantially reduced. I had previously installed a Zero Gravity Windscreen on the RS, which although it is a fine product, did not give me the result I was looking for. The Lip did. Great Product

Honda Goldwing 1800

Richard K. I received the Laminar Lip yesterday and installed it on my GL1800. I did a test run and it worked great. Thanks for a great product,

Honda ST1300

Larry W. (Riding double) Well the wife and I tried the LIP on the new ST1300, and you'll be pleased to know it's an unqualified success! Before she used to complain of all sorts of buffeting, whereas with the Lip on, no problems.

Honda ST1300

Don H. I installed the Lip on my ST1300 and went for a ride. I really think I could burn a candle behind the shield at 80mph with the Lip in place. I have a standard ST and have the shield in the low position and the Lip mounted about 3/4" higher (in the center) than the stock shield. While on the freeway it stared to rain really hard and when I got home and pulled into my carport I was able to observe the rain patterns. Other than a bit of "spittle" coming over the shield the tank and dash area was dry. My arms, chest, lap were dry and I noticed the saddlebag tops and passenger area of the seat were dry also. The back of the bags were wet about 1/2 way up. (I was riding solo) I'm impressed. I was able to enjoy a much quieter ride with my face shield up or down (especially down) at any speed. The Lip made a really good shield into a really great shield. Thanks for a good quality product that WORKS! STOC TORC AMA ABATE

BMW R1150GS Adventure

Bruce M. Dear folks at Laminar, I just purchased your Laminar LIP for my '02 BMW R1150GS Adventure. I'm 6'2"with a 34" inseam and the stock windshield was forcing air directly at my nose and painfully buffetting my helmet and ears. Something had to be done, and the LIP is the answer! Mounting was easy. I attached it high so there is only about 1/3 overlap with the stock shield. It moved the bulk of the wind up to the top of my helmet. But most important, it broke up the exteme buffeting/turbulance that was hitting me square in the facemask and banging my ears. Now the air is almost smooth with just minor bufffeting. I can keep my face shield up with very little wind directly in my face. It's fantastic! The LIP is also a bit wider than the stock shield and seemed to move the bulk of the wind out toward my shoulders. Again the wind felt almost smooth rather than jagged, bumpy and unpleasant. For a dual sport this seems like a very good shield solution for both winter and summer riding. I'm sure glad I tried your product before popping for an expensive aftermarket windshield.

Yamaha FJR 1300

Bob M. Ed.D, NCC, LPC, NCCH I installed the LaminarLip about two months ago on the stock screen of my 2003 Yamaha FJR 1300. It made a tremendous difference in the reduction of noise and turbulence. When the screen is in the up position the LaminarLip reduced the turbulent air by 80% and the wind noise was reduced by 50% making for a much more enjoyable ride. While the screen was in the down position the LaminarLip provided for a cleaner flow of air with no turbulence at all. I recommend the LaminarLip and will be trying it soon on my +4 Yamaha wind screen as an experiment to test it's effectiveness there.

Honda ST-1300

Steven O. To the great creators of the Laminar Lip: I currently own a Honda ST-1300 and really enjoy the bike except for the poor wind aerodynamics, after countless adjustments to the window with no success of helping reduce the buffeting and wind noise, I was at the brink of selling the bike until I learned about the Lip, thank God, this product is of great quality and the price is reasonable...and it WORKS. I would recommend this to anyone owning this bike or any other. I will be adding this to another new bike I ordered, the BMW 1150-RT soon to be delivered. Thanks again for your research and development of this great product.

Yamaha FZ1

Tom M. I received my Laminar lip last Friday. Installation was simple, and right after I put it on, I rode to the Anaheim Supercross. What a difference! The biggest thing that I immediately noticed was how easy it was to turn my head and check traffic while changing lanes. I ran into fog on my way home. I found that I could ride at a higher rate of speed with my shield up while I cleared the shield of mist. All in all, this is a great product!

Kawasaki ZX12R

Bruce H. First of all, I like the igor address name.. I purchased a Laminar Lip for my Kawasaki ZX12R having good expectations looking at the design and user testimonials. Being an aerospace engineer, I had to test this Lip thing in the real world. Installation was very easy. All matched up.. solid fastening. On the road was, honestly, a surprise. I noticed a difference at 38mph. Furthermore, the faster I went, the more the Lip worked. The design is simple but it works. Mated to the windscreen, its similar to a "wing or spoiler".. low pressure below, high above. In the mean time, I felt much less buffeting and wind induced stress. If one has a sport tourer or ESPECIALLY a sport bike, get one in lieu of changing windscreens.. it works better.

Aprilia Atlantic

Max Here are some preliminary test results. Spent long time finding what I feel are the right mounting points, then finally attached the lip and reinstalled the windshield. Went for a long ride today to test it, and I am very pleased with the performance improvement over the stock windshield. No memorable helmet buffeting at all below 60 mph! Very nice. Comparison with the larger GIVI shield will come later after I use this configuration for at least a week of commuting. First impression is that the wind noise is possibly LESS with the stock shield and lip, than with the large GIVI. I may be imagining it, but I seemed more susceptible to cross-winds with the stock shield/lip than the GIVI. Definitely is more air circulation in front of my chest with the stock shield/lip than GIVI. Not sure that is a negative though -- the GIVI creates quite a vacuum at higher speeds. BTW, I am 6'1" tall, looking well above the height of the stock shield/lip, and at least an inch above the tall GIVI too. Testing with full-face helmet.

Honda VFR800 2002

Rick S. I love my Lip on my '02 VFR800! Ride quality is much-improved with it in place.

Honda VTX 1800C

Larry L. Just want to report that the "lip" did the trick. My first highway ride with the lip on the Honda headlight fairing, was quite remarkable. Infact, the dead air zone created by the lip completely removed wind pressure from my chest. Prior to adding the lip, my body acted like a sail and holding on to the grips at 70 MPH was a chore! I would recommend the Laminar Lip to those VTX cruisers that want the cool look of the headlight fairing and the wind protection of a sport windshield. Thanks for the great product.

Kawasaki ZZR1200

Charlie D. Hats or helmets off to you guys for making an after market product that really works!!!! I ride a 2002 Kawasaki ZZR1200, am around 6'2" tall and this thing keeps the helmet "shake" to almost a non issue. I put it on (about 10 minutes) hit the road and was stunned at the way it works. My neck used to kill me after a long ride, but no more. Once again thanks for the product.


Scott A. Man, that thing is just what I was looking for! 80 mph with the face shield open no problem! I like the fact that there is still some air in my face, but it is smooth air. I don't have to get into a full racers tuck to find a still pocket of air though. Already showed it to a buddy that has an 85 k100rs. I think he'll be in contact with you soon! Thanks!

Yamaha FZ1

Jesse Z. Just wanted to let you know I received my order last Friday and promptly installed it Friday night. The difference on my FZ1 is better than I expected. Previously I had the optional Yamaha FZ1 windshield on the bike which worked better than stock. However, it does not match the performance and comfort of the "LIP", especially at freeway speeds. Thanks for making a superb product that makes riding my FZ1 even more pleasurable.

Aprilia Falco

Lindsay in the UK Got the Lip for my Falco this week - bloody uk customs did me for another £21.00 on top :-( .... sometimes they don't notice stuff coming in. I'm impressed with the quality of the Lip. Usually aftermarket stuff for bikes needs some "working" to make it fit well ( the amount of "work" varies from product to product!) Whilst I appreciate that the lip is hardly a complex peice of kit I am still impressed at how well it fits and how accurate the template seems to be - it matches the Falco screen perfectly. Edges nicely tidied, holes clean drilled. Nice one! I like the way it works too. . . one bizarre side effect is that my engine now seems louder :-) (less wind noise).

Aprilia Futura

Will T.; Owner, California Speed Shop This year I had the good fortune to borrow an Aprilia Futura for my annual trip to Laguna Seca for World Superbike. I also borrowed one of Laminar's LIPs to try on the ride. I rode initially with just the stock windscreen and was comfortable but noticed a side-to-side buffeting at freeway speeds 65+. This caused me to give the bike unwanted steering inputs and made the bike wander a bit. When I installed the LIP the airflow was aimed higher and eliminated this problem. It also made for a more relaxing ride, all in all the addition was well worth it.

Yamaha FZ1

Barry A. I now have 300 miles behind the lip and am very pleased. At 50, I feel the wind on my shoulders and neck but no buffeting on my helmet. At 70 + no blast is hitting me at all. Great product. Thanks.

Kawasaki ZZR1200

Cliff K. Many thanks for the prompt mailing of the Laminar LIP (2 days) for my ZZR1200 Kawasaki. The LIP fit well, easy to install (6 minutes) and it Works. No buffeting, at least to low 3 figures, appears to raise the air 6-8 inches. It will be interesting to try it in the rain. I have ridden to 70 mph with my face shield up (AC10 HJC helmet) and no tears. Before the LIP about 35-40 mph was max. Again, many thanks for a quality, reasonable priced product that works. P.S. I won’t hesitate to recommend your product to anyone who asks me about the LIP. Triumph Tiger From: "Brian Blangsted" WOW! What a difference, Andy. I am impressed. At 75 to 80 mph, I can actually tell the wind is smoothly going up over the top of my helmet without buffeting. I always liked the Tiger for taking the wind pressure off my helmet at higher speeds, but it always had that nagging, broken-air turbulence landing on my helmet. This created a vibration that caused my nose to itch much of the time-- I know, it sounds crazy. Well, it's smooth sailing now....

Honda ST1100

From "Big" Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 09:13:07 -0700 I just have the $75 lip (mounted on my stock '96 cat's-eye shield). Rode behind it this morning in raw fog/cold: could hear the timing belt whizzing around, and my eyes (open-face helmet) were untouched by nary a zephyr. My scarf (fwiw) blows behind me (a la the red baron) instead of forward . best $75 i've ever spent on my ST -and I was totally skeptical . . . ps: I've had it on longer than just this morning. I'm amazed every time I ride.

Honda ST1100

Fred A. Sure enough, it works. Mostly I notice the very significant reduction in noise level. I am 6'2", with a stock shield on my ST1100, and the turbulence is also less, although not as dramatically reduced as the noise. I have been trying to solve the wind problem on the ST1100 since 1996, and this is the best solution I have found for sure. The instructions are very clear. While they recommend getting a second person involved, I took a lot of care and was able to install it by myself.

Kawasaki ZR-7S

Subject: Thanks for a great product Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 16:54:12 -0700 From: Emily S. Just wanted to let you know I received the Laminar Lip for my Kawasaki ZR-7S yesterday. I installed it last night and tried it out on my commute to work this morning and notice a distinct improvement in terms of the head buffeting I used to feel. My brother-in-law will be jealous I'm sure... any chance you will be coming out with a lip for Buell models any time soon? He has a 2000 Buell Thunderbolt. Anyway, thanks again for a great product.

Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom standard windshield

Edward G. It (the LIP) works well. I received it yesterday and took a ride this morning. With just a little ducking down, I can get in quiet air with the standard shield and the Lip. I'll be on the road with the V-Strom the next few weeks and it should really help quiet the turbulence. I was going to use the tall shield but the standard shield with the Lip is much better than the tall shield. I haven't tried the tall shield with the Lip and may end up selling the tall shield as the Lip / stock shield combo works well for me. Thanks for a great product. Follow-up.... I just got back from a West Coast trip. Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Oregon and back with a stop in New Mexico. About 6500 miles with the "Lip" and it worked great. Of course crosswinds are always a problem but luckily it was a problem only on the last leg from Post, Texas to Abilene. The "Lip" stayed firmly in place using the supplied tape on the stock windscreen. I even rode one leg without ear-plugs (not recommended) but I ducked down a little and found quiet air. That wasn't possible with the windshield alone. I saw an ST1100 with the full screen-lip you make. I want one. How much is it? It looked beautiful. Also I would like to try the V-Strom lip on the tall Suzuki screen so I need some tape to allow me to use the "Lip" on both screens. After receiving more Dual Lock I got extra Dual Lock (tm) tape in the mail today from Andy Corcoran so I could mount my 'Lip' on the tall Suzuki shield and I just took a short test ride and it is wonderful. :-) I didn't get over 60 mph but it feels just about like the BIG shield I used to have on my old BMW R100RT. This is definately a setup that I could travel with an open faced helmet. With the limited riding I've done using the tall screen/lip the major difference is that there is almost no wind noise with the tall screen and although the standard screen/lip combo reduces the turbulance a lot there still is some wind noise and minor turbulance unless you duck down a bit which is uncomfortable to do for long periods of time. With the tall screen/lip I'm in quiet air while fully upright. I'll get a chance to ride the V-Strom some more tomorrow .... eeer later this morning with the tall screen but I'm convinced this is going to be my prefered setup. I mounted the 'Lip' so that the top edge is about 1 inch above the shield in the center. I can still see over the shield and although I probably would still use ear-plugs when traveling any distance, due to the engine noise, wind noise is no longer a problem. No turbulance, just occasional light breezes across an open visor. Way Cool! I didn't want to go over 60 mph because the tape hasn't had time to cure (I think 24 hours is recommended before using the 'Lip' after the tape is applied) and I'm glad I didn't nail the throttle on the access road a few minutes ago as I passed a city cop while doing about 10 over the 45 mph limit. (he ignored me - I like the Abilene P.D.) Anyway, this setup looks like an excellent one.

Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom standard windshield

John F. Wednesday, July 17, 2002 10:54 AM FYI. Attached the LIP to my windshield last night and stromed it into work today. HUGE difference. The LIP effectively adds about 2" height and changes the angle of wind deflection more vertically. I am 5'-10" tall with a 30" inseam - (not exactly ideal for the v-strom). Seems that about 70% of wind flow now clears my helmet by virtue of the LIP, while about 30% finds a diffused path to my head and torso - which actually makes for a comfortable breeze. The set up is just about perfect, in my opinion.

BMW K1200 RS 2002

Bart G. I've been riding the K1200RS the past five years and have used all manufacturers of after-market wind flow products with my '98 and '02 bikes. The lip you designed for my '02 does just what I have been looking for. I'm 6' tall and it moves the wind flow up to just where I need it plus cuts down on turbulence noise. Thanks again,

Honda ST1100 Stock windshield

From: "Richard B. Sat, 13 Jul 2002 15:56:08 -0400 Just tried out my new Laminar Lip, the one that attaches to the stock ST1100 windshield. It works well. My other windshield is an older Clearview that I cut down to about +2 1/2 inches. I mounted the Lip as high as possible and it came out about the same height as the Clearview. The difference is significant. With the Clearview the wind is blowing just about the top of my helmet (I'm 5 feet 11 inches tall). I can increase the blast by just sticking up my neck. But with the Lip I have to stand up on the foot pegs to reach the wind stream. With my musician's earplugs the ride is quieter than ever.

1993 Candy Red ST1100 (the best color!)

Today we did a 200-mile trip 2-up on the ST1100 with the stock windscreen and the Lip. The Lip is mounted as high as the buttons will permit, which gives about a 2" to 2.5" increase over the stock height, depending on where you measure. For the rider, all turbulence is gone. Even without earplugs, at 60mph, there is very little of any noise. I have had it up to 80mph, and still no turbulence. I previously had a +4 Rifle, and did not get that quietness. Note the Rifle was actually taller than the stock+Lip combo. Before buying the Lip, we had traveled to Americade on Interstate roads. We were limited to 65mph, because over that speed, my passenger's head was bobbing back and forth, causing great pain. I got the same thing in the front, but at higher speeds. We aren't high-speed riders, but at 65mph on an interstate, you will get run over. With the same passenger on today's ride, with the Lip, she was very happy. I've got the turbulence and excessive noise eliminated. Other than your Lip, the only way I could get that result would be to purchase a large Clearview, which would be 4" taller, and 4" wider. Those screens reduce fuel mileage significantly, and make the bike feel very different. I prefer the Lip. You have a dilemma on the placement of the buttons. I could have gotten an extra 1/2" of height if the top button were different, but I can also understand how placing them too close together would greatly reduce their attaching strength. Given I have no problems now riding at 80mph, and I will *never* ride faster than that for an extended time, I'd say leave it as is. The buttons are easy enough to remove and replace (with new ones), so if someone is really unhappy about it, you can always send them more buttons. I do find it necessary to remove the Lip to wash the bike. The bugs get on the original screen, and you have to remove the Lip to get them off. Your instructions say the velcro-like stuff will wear out after 20 removals. I think I'll be coming up on that in a couple months. If the stuff isn't very expensive, you may want to consider sending a bunch more with each screen. I did get 2 extra sets with the kit, but that isn't enough to replace the whole set just once. Maybe you could offer them on the website for reorder, in packages of 8 or more? Finding them locally will be impossible, and of course I have no way to cut the material and make it look good. Someone else commented that your complete windshield set is too dark - can't see up close easily. I haven't seen it in person. At this point, I see no reason to spend the extra money to replace the stock screen. Feel free to send me anything you want me to try out!!

Suzuki SV650S

You need to hear from ladies who ride sport bikes. I, for one, ride a Suzuki SV650S, and the windscreen provided on the bike from the manufacturer was a joke. Prior to installing one of your LIPs, the wind blasts were not only deafening, but also extremely unpredictable hitting me directly in the chest and throwing me back into a poorly designed seat. (Contrary to what some believe, the wind presents quite a problem when both bike and rider are light.) Once the LIP was installed, the wind noise decreased dramatically, and the LIP redirected the airflow over my shoulders and past my helmet increasing its effectiveness and decreasing buffeting. Simultaneously, I noticed a stabilization of the front wheel created from the down-force of the redirected airflow making it less of a struggle to retain control in windy conditions. I can't thank you enough for creating the LIP and for making my sport bike riding more pleasurable. Your product has made a great bike only better. I'm certain that with more ladies riding sport and sport-touring bikes these days, your products will continue to be in great demand. Dee C. Hilliard, Ohio

Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom standard windshield

John F. Attached the LIP to my windshield last night and stromed it into work today. HUGE difference. The LIP effectively adds about 2" height and changes the angle of wind deflection more vertically. I am 5'-10" tall with a 30" inseam - (not exactly ideal for the v-strom). Seems that about 70% of wind flow now clears my helmet by virtue of the LIP, while about 30% finds a diffused path to my head and torso - which actually makes for a comfortable breeze. The set up is just about perfect, in my opinion.

Kawasaki Concours stock windshield

I have a Kawasaki Concours and I think this comes under the heading of not knowing you needed one of these until you have one. I first saw it on a friend’s bike, an ST1100, and immediately wanted one. I used to get a lot of wind around the head in the form of turbulence and everything that goes with it. I recently bought a new helmet and that is a different story but had a real positive effect. What I got with the new helmet was a deep rumbling and of course the buffeting was still there. After the “LIP” was installed all that went away. All of it! After taking off from the house and going slow on surface streets the difference was immediately noticeable. On the way back home I tried it at somewhat higher speeds, never mind how much higher. It worked. It is now QUIET (excuse me) quiet in the drivers seat. It works and if you are reading this you gotta have one. Thanks. Sincerely, W. Paul B., Concours owner

Honda ST1100 stock windscreen

Just tried out my new Laminar Lip, the one that attaches to the stock ST1100 windshield. It works well. My other windshield is an older Clearview that I cut down to about +2 1/2 inches. I mounted the Lip as high as possible and it came out about the same height as the Clearview. The difference is significant. With the Clearview the wind is blowing just about the top of my helmet (I'm 5 feet 11 inches tall). I can increase the blast by just sticking up my neck. But with the Lip I have to stand up on the foot pegs to reach the wind stream. With my musician's earplugs the ride is quieter than ever. Richard B.

Kawasaki Concours stock windshield vs Rifle +4

I put a stock windshield on (replacing a Rifle windshield) and attached the LIP.I have about 500 miles with it in place. It actually works better than the Rifle in my case at 5'9" with gen-mar risers. It's a little busy at the point of attachment, but that’s below my focal point except occasionally in town at slow speeds. Even then, the distraction is more the flare (in the stock windshield) than your LIP. Don Simone, Officer of the Concours Owners Group (COG)

Suzuki Bandit 1200 - 2000

Just wanted to let you know that it has been the bright spot in a dreary string of bad vendor issues and technical foibles. your support was great, and the LIP works great. (Mounted on a 2000 Suzuki Bandit). I no longer have that pain in the neck after a days ride. Thank you for providing a product that works as advertised, and for providing good customer service. These two factors in tandem are becoming a rare commodity in this e-biz marketing driven world. Thanks to the Laminar Lip team. Joe P.

Honda ST1100 stock windshield

If there was ever a secret accessory for the long distance rider, your Lip is it! I have a Lip on my 1993 ST1100. With the Lip, wind turbulence now clears the top of my helmet resulting in a substantial reduction in wind noise fatigue and permits me to ride along at 75 mph with the face shield up when I choose. Great product! ~~ Philip A. This is a testimonial for the boys at Laminar Lip. 4/18/02

Honda ST1100 stock windshield

I own a Honda ST1100 and the only way I could reduce the head buffeting and wind noise in my helmet was by ducking down below the windshield. I’m not short in stature so this was not an option for any extended period. So, I installed the LIP on my windshield and voila, the head buffeting went away and the wind noise was reduced dramatically. Adding the LIP makes riding even more pleasurable. Thanks for a great product. Regards, M. Johnson

Honda ST1100 stock windshield

I received my Laminar Lip for the stock windshield. Got it mounted last night, and let it set overnight before riding. The instructions advise 24 hours for full set on the adhesives. Oh well - 12 hours will just have to do.Be careful getting it where you want it. It pretty much takes two people to get it right, because if you set it from the front (as I did), and then get on the bike, it may look different. At first, mine was higher on one side, and had to be removed. Good thing they give you extra adhesive "dots". The way the dots are pre-applied on the lip, the maximum extension is only about 2". I knew I could use at least that, because I had previously used a +4 Rifle, and could easily see over the top of that. I was now applying the lip on a stock screen, so I placed it as high as it would go. With the 2-lane roads around here, I rarely get the chance to exceed 65mph except for a quick blast. When we went to Americade, however, I found the stock screen a problem over 65mph. I got the "head bobbles" at about 70 mph, and my passenger got severe neck problems at anything over 65. Those are all indicated speeds, so I wasn't getting anywhere very fast. Those are all with the stock screen, bare. Today I rode by myself with the Lip. I was able to cruise at 80 mph indicated, with no buffeting at all. It was also noticeably quieter. This is quite a bit better than even the +4 screen alone did, yet the stock+Lip combo is only +2 in height. That means I get a lot better forward vision. Now, I've only got 20 miles of testing, but this thing does work. It does look a little funky, but if it works, I'll deal with what will be inevitable remarks from my friends. Riding with the lower screen makes the bike feel more maneuverable. I realize that's just an illusion, but .... This weekend, I'll get some time with my passenger, and get a ride report from the back. With the +4 screen, I had to drop my head down several inches to get totally inside the air bubble, for no noise at all. With the stock+Lip combo, I only had to drop my head about 1" to eliminate absolutely all noise. To me, that means if the Lip could be raised up another inch, it would be supremely effective. It seems to me that the stock screen+Lip is the way to go as the Lip alone is $75. It works! don f. -- Pennsylvania Today we did a 200-mile trip 2-up on the ST1100 with the stock windscreen and the Lip. The Lip is mounted as high as the buttons will permit, which gives about a 2" to 2.5" increase over the stock height, depending on where you measure. For the rider, all turbulence is gone. Even without earplugs, at 60mph, there is very little of any noise. I have had it up to 80mph, and still no turbulence. I previously had a +4 Rifle, and did not get that quietness. Note the Rifle was actually taller than the stock+Lip combo. Before buying the Lip, we had traveled to Americade on Interstate roads. We were limited to 65mph, because over that speed, my passenger's head was bobbing back and forth, causing great pain. I got the same thing in the front, but at higher speeds. We aren't high-speed riders, but at 65mph on an interstate, you will get run over. With the same passenger on today's ride, with the Lip, she was very happy. I've got the turbulence and excessive noise eliminated. Other than your Lip, the only way I could get that result would be to purchase a large Clearview, which would be 4" taller, and 4" wider. Those screens reduce fuel mileage significantly, and make the bike feel very different. I prefer the Lip.

Kawasaki Concours stock windshield/LIP vs Rifle

The LAMINAR LIP ANOTHER WAY TO GO (A product evaluation) Don Simone, Concours Owners Group A few months before the Montrose Rally, Andy Corcoran of Laminar LLC contacted me. Andy asked if I'd try a wind-lifting device he calls "The LIP". He claimed it would lift air above the helmet when used with the stock windshield on a Concours so the rider would not have to buy a full, new windscreen if the wind coming over the stock one was too much for his liking. I told him I had the Rifle system and was happy with it; but if he would send 2 of these LIPs, I would try one and use the other as a door prize for our national rally. He agreed. When the LIP arrived, it wasn't much to look at, in the way of size: a 4- inch wide strip of clear plastic and some dual lock fasteners. I procrastinated a few weeks before looking for my original stock windshield, stored in the rafters to the garage. I changed the windshield on the Concours back to the original one and installed the LIP, which turned out to be a rather straightforward job with easy-to-follow, written directions, which accompanied the device. My plan was to run the bike at highway speeds, give him my opinion, and put the Rifle back on. I was pleasantly surprised to find, however, that the LIP does lift the air and much higher and cleaner. I'm 5'9" and use Gen-mar risers. The Rifle, with 15" screen, barely comes under eye level for me, and the air clears my helmet unless I sit up completely straight. If I slouch at all, I'm looking through the windshield. The original windscreen comes to my chin in height, and I prefer that. While testing the Lip, I reached above my helmet and found the rushing air to be about 2" to 3" above my helmet. At 75 mph with visor up - no air! Under a controlled environment...(Nevada has a lot of those), a much higher speed still had my head below any wind or noise. My Rifle system is now in storage, by the way. This unit sells for $75. Don Simone, Concours Owners Group P.S. Nick Ienatsch borrowed my bike and felt it worked well too.

BMW K1200 RS Standard Shield 1997-2001

Mike L. - On my K1200RS the Lip is everything it's claimed to be - excellent. The Lip on the standard screen seems to me to give as much wind protection as the screen on an R1100RT - and considerably more than the standard screen on the ST1100.